Thursday, April 30, 2020

CFC Reopens Due to COVID-19

Federal workers, including postal employees, can use the Combined Federal Campaign’s online giving portal to make donations through June 30.

The Combined Federal Campaign has reopened so federal employees can contribute to charities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donations can be made from April 20 through June 30.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which runs the campaign, also known as the CFC, is offering the special solicitation period to support charities as they face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.

Employees may use the online donation portal,,
or the new CFC Giving mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, to make a charitable donation to more than 6,000 CFC member charities.

Employees can make a one-time or recurring pledge. However, they cannot change payroll deductions made during the previous campaign cycle, which ended January 12 for the 2019-20 cycle.

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'What Safety Means to Me!'

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

'Thank You Mail Man'

A young customer sent this drawing and a “Thank You Mail Man” greeting to Tropical Reef Station in Pompano Beach.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Social Media Policy Reminder

The Postal Service is reminding employees to avoid taking photos or videos of their workplace to share on social media, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

During this challenging time, employees may want to post images of the inside or outside of the facility where they work, and share workplace stories with friends and loved ones.

However, workplace images may contain information that is not meant to be seen by the public. In addition, others in the facility have a right to privacy and must give consent to have their images posted on social media.

The Postal Service’s Administrative Support Manual, Section 363 outlines the organization’s social media policy and what is — and what isn’t — allowed to be shared online, while AS-805 Information Security has guidance on photography and video.

Employees with questions should speak to a manager or supervisor.

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'Thank You For Delivering'

A Coral Springs customer posted this “Thank You For Delivering Our Mail and Packages” message on her residential mailbox.

'I Was Caught Working Safely'

Thursday, April 23, 2020

'What Safety Means to Us!'

'Thank You Essential Workers!'

Coconut Creek Rural Carrier Delores James photographed this “Thank You Essential Workers” sign on her route. Below the sign was a list of “essential workers” that included “USPS.”

Taking Care of Business in Broward

Pompano Beach Manager, Customer Service Operations Frank Mariano (left) and Fort Lauderdale Manager, Customer Service Operations Juan Febres (right) preparing a shipment of gloves for their respective offices. Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relaltions Coordinator Edwin Vivas  

The U.S. Postal Service is proud of the work our more than 600,000 employees play in processing, transporting, and delivering mail and packages for the American public. We provide a vital public service that is a part of this nation’s critical infrastructure. The Postal Service has a dedicated Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Command Response leadership team that is focusing on employee and customer safety in conjunction with operational and business continuity during this unprecedented epidemic.

To reduce health risks for our employees and customers and to safeguard our operational and business continuity, the Postal Service is doing the following:
  • Ensuring millions of masks, gloves and cleaning and sanitizing products are available and distributed to more than 30,000 locations every day through our Postal Service supply chain.
  • Reinforcing workplace behaviors to ensure that contact among our employees and with our customers reflects the best guidance regarding healthy interactions, social distancing, and risk minimization. 
  • Issuing a daily cadence of employee talks, articles, videos, and other communications to ensure employees have the latest information and guidance.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hallandale: Protecting and Promoting

Hallandale Letter Carrier Curtis Smith wears a self-made face mask for protection and promotes the postal brand on his route. 

'What Safety Means to Me!'

Watching Out for Children and Dogs

The Postal Service is reminding employees to watch out for children and dogs whose normal routines have changed due to lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.
With many workplaces and most schools closed because of the outbreak, more customers are at home during the daytime with their kids and pets.
When driving postal vehicles in residential areas, employees should be alert and keep an eye out for children and dogs who might suddenly run into the street.
Employees should also pay attention to traffic lights, check blind spots, look both ways before moving a vehicle and come to full stop at intersections and stop signs.
Additionally, employees should watch out for youngsters who might run up to them because they don’t understand the need for social distancing, as well as toys and bikes they might leave on sidewalks and stairs, creating tripping hazards.
To protect themselves from dogs, employees who deliver mail should always carry a satchel and keep a can of repellant spray within reach at all times.
Employees should also complete warning cards for addresses with dogs on their route, verify that their Mobile Delivery Device has an active dog alert for delivery addresses with dogs, and notify a supervisor of all dog incidents.
The Postal Service can send correspondence to customers with aggressive dogs and suspend delivery to a residence if the threat of a dog attack is not resolved.
In addition to guidance regarding children and dogs, USPS has provided letter carriers and retail associates with new social distancing procedures.
The COVID-19 Blue and LiteBlue pages have more resources related to the pandemic, while the Resources for Health and Safety website has Safety Depends on Me videos and additional guidance.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Customer Thanks Jupiter Employees

Jupiter, FL, Tequesta Branch Manager, Customer Services Marlene Findlay received a letter that thanked postal employees who delivered “some normalcy.”

Recognizing 35 Years of Service

Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney (right) presented Fort Lauderdale Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) Technician Albert Bakari (center) with his 35-year Service Award and pin.  Also pictured is A/Manager, Marketing Joycelynn King. Guiney and King thanked Bakari for his years of loyalty and dedication to the Postal Service. 

Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Edwin Vivas

'What Safety Means to Me!'

Monday, April 20, 2020

Miami Carrier Maintains His Safety

Milam Dairy Branch Letter Carrier Gary Concepcion invented a portable washing station inside a plastic crate. The station includes water with a soap dispenser, hand sanitizer, and paper towels so he can maintain his safety while delivering mail and packages to his Miami  customers.

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Friday, April 17, 2020

40 Years and Counting in Miami ...

Miami Buena Vista Carrier Annex Manager, Customer Services Reshonda Franklin (not pictured) recognizes Letter Carrier Rickie Mobley (pictured) with his 40-year Service Award and Pin.

Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

Making a Difference in Pompano

Pompano Postmaster Michael Vecchitto received a heartwarming card from a customer who wanted all postal workers to know that “all your time and effort doesn’t go unnoticed … and it makes a difference to so many people.” 

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Students Thank Miami Letter Carriers

A Miami customer, who is a local school teacher, gave her students a writing assignment to show their appreciation for letter carriers. She presented Olympia Heights Branch Manager, Customer Services Dorothy Rhodes with the below letters of appreciation from her students. Rhodes is reading students’ letters to her employees during daily Stand Up Talks on the importance of frequent hand washing and sanitizing during COVID-19.
Excerpt: I know it's gotta be hard to have to be going to work while having an outbreak like this going on. People like me really find you helpful, I need to order all my drumsticks online now because all malls and music stores that have the pair I use are closed.”

Excerpt: “Can I just tell you, you’re awesome. I hope reading this can make your day just a little better. By the way you look amazing today sweetie. Thank you so much!!!”
Excerpt: “I hope you are doing everything you can to protect yourself at work. I know wearing gloves helps washing your hands as often as possible, and using hand sanitizer helps kill the virus between hand washes.” 

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Customer Gives 'Special Shout Out' to Coconut Grove Letter Carrier

A business customer, Waterlust, praised “Roger” (Coconut Grove Station Letter Carrier Rogelio Landers) in this Facebook post.

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Child Thanks Fort Lauderdale Carrier

Seven-year-old James Irizarry placed in his mailbox this coloring page to let Fort Lauderdale Letter Carrier Milton Semiglia know that “not all heroes wear capes.” Semiglia delivers mail from the Everglades Branch. James is the son of Weston Branch Manager, Customer Services James Irizarry and South Florida District Manager, Learning Development and Diversity Myriam Irizarry.

40 Years and Counting ...

Miami Shenandoah Finance Unit Manager, Customer Services Teresa Mason (not pictured) recognizes Retail Associate Fernando Vasquez (above) with his 40- year Service Award and Pin. Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Monday, April 13, 2020

What's Old is New Again in Pompano

Pompano Main Office Letter Carrier Lavetta Bennett created a mask from an old uniform.

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Miami Customer Appreciates Carrier

A Miami customer left in her mailbox a care package that included gloves and masks for Letter Carrier Migdalia Cordero, who delivers from the Milam Dairy Branch.

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Protecting the Brand in Miami

Postal employees are working hard to ensure their customers stay connected through the mail. Whether it is medication, a package, paycheck, bill or card, Miami, FL, Jose Marti Branch Letter Carrier Demetria Foster represents all employees who understand the importance of every piece of mail. Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

'I Was Caught Working Safely ...'

Friday, April 10, 2020

Protecting the Brand at Miami P&DC

Tour 1 Electronic Technician (ET) Leonard Carrancho (above) sports protective gear.

Tour 1 Laborer/Custodian Orson Headen (above) gives a thumbs up after completing his maintenance route.

Highway Contract Route (HCR) Driver Gabriel Ordaz (above) wears a mask for protection and gives a thumbs up for encouragement.

Tour 1 Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) Spotter David Dallas, Sr. (above) prepares to pick up his trailer of mail.

Tour 3 Mail Processor Nicole Bond (above) wears a mask and gloves at the Delivery Bar Code Sorter (DBCS).

Tour 1 Mail Handler Gwendolyn Chambers (above) stops her tow motor to give a thumbs up in between transporting mail from the platform to mail processing operations.