Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps Coming to a Post Offce Near You on June 20

The U.S. Postal Service’s first scratch-and-sniff stamps will add the sweet scent of summer to letters of love, friendship, party invitations and other mailings when the Postal Service introduces the Frozen Treats Forever stamps June 20 in Austin, TX.

The stamps feature illustrations of frosty, colorful, icy pops on a stick. Today, Americans love cool, refreshing ice pops on a hot summer day. The tasty, sweet confections come in a variety of shapes and flavors.

Ice pops are made by large manufacturers, home cooks and artisanal shops. In recent years, frozen treats containing fresh fruit such as kiwi, watermelon, blueberries, oranges and strawberries have become more common. In addition, flavors such as chocolate, root beer and cola are also popular.

WPB Employees Attend Orientation

West Palm Beach Acting Training Technician Jennifer Lewis (standing, left) talked to a group of new employees during an orientation class at the West Palm Beach Processing and Distribution Center.
The orientation class informed new employees about job expectations and the many opportunities available to them during their postal careers.
"This truly is the most exciting part of the training technician job," said Lewis. "I love the looks on the employees' faces when they walk into the classroom knowing that they are now postal employees."
Photo: West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator Gayle Jones

North Miami Beach SSA Earns Gold

Congratulations to North Miami Beach Branch Sales and Services Associate Kim Brown who earned a Gold Star Award for a perfect Retail Customer Experience (RCE) transaction.

Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Buy Sally Ride Forever Stamps Today

America’s first woman in space, Dr. Sally Ride (1951–2012) inspired the nation as a pioneering astronaut, brilliant scientist, and dedicated educator. Today Forever stamps in her honor are available at your local Post Office.

On June 18, 1983, Ride launched through Earth’s atmosphere aboard space shuttle Challenger, becoming the first American woman to reach space. For six days, she worked closely with her four male crewmates, proving to the world below that women were just as adept as their male counterparts in the final frontier.

Ride was the only person to sit on the investigative panels for both the Challenger and Columbia accidents. As a professor, she used her experience as an astronaut to explain complicated physics principles. In 2001, she cofounded a company devoted to fostering interest and skills in science, technology, engineering, and math among young people, particularly girls.

Through her love of science and determination to improve our world, Ride left
a lasting impact on generations of students and the future of American space exploration.

Aventura SSA Attains Gold Status

Congratulations to Miami Sales and Services Associate Marie Blaise of the Aventura Finance Unit. Blaise provided outstanding service to earn a 100 percent Retail Customer Experience (RCE) transaction and a Gold Star Award.
Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

30 Years and Counting in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Postmaster Ron Jarrell (right) and Manager, Customer Services Lori Cangemi (left) presented West Boca Carrier Annex Letter Carrier Steve Schnoll (center) with his 30-year Service Award and pin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Communicating in Hurricane Season

The official start of the 2018 Hurricane Season is just around the corner. Now is a good opportunity to ensure that you have important information to stay connected with the Postal Service, should tropical weather impact South Florida.  

The National Employee Emergency Hotline (1-888-EMERGNC or 1-888-363-7462) is the official source of information for weather issues, work schedule changes, and facility status. For easy access, enter this phone number into your cell phone directory. 

When calling the National Employee Emergency Hotline, remember to enter the first three digits of the ZIP Code of your workplace location. Also, if you evacuate and relocate due to an emergency, call the hotline number, and then press “5” after entering your facility ZIP Code. You will be routed to an individual who can take your information and relay it to District and Area leadership whose priorities are your safety and well-being.

If you use Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), call a Florida TRS toll-free number, and the TRS operator will interact with the hotline application on your behalf. Through the use of highly-trained operators, calls can be made 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing Florida residents who are in need of services to connect and communicate with anyone at any time. The simplest way to access the variety of Florida Relay services available is to dial 7-1-1.  If the phone from which you are calling does not accept 7-1-1 calls, TRS has a list of dedicated toll-free numbers for each call-type that you can utilize: 

For TTY equipment users   800-955-8771    
For standard (voice) users who connect with a Relay user   800-955-8770    

ASCII (for computer users)  800-955-1339  
Voice Carry Over (VCO)  877-955-8260  
If you prefer to speak directly to a hearing person. The Relay Operator listens to a speaking person and types what is said to your TTY/VCO phone.

Speech to Speech   877-955-5334  
If you have a speech disability and prefer that a Relay Operator serve as your voice and repeat your responses to the called party.