Monday, July 31, 2017

Appreciating Our Employees

Inverrary Branch Manager, Customer Services Joe Diglio (right) recognized the outstanding performance of Distribution Clerk Quan Barnes (left) with a Certificate of Appreciation. Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Celebrating a Career Milestone

Inverrary Branch Manager, Customer Services Joe Diglio (right) presented Letter Carrier Shafronia Plummer (center) with her 30-year Service Award and pin. Diglio and National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 2550 Recording Secretary Tammie Cadwell (left) congratulated Plummer on her years of dedicated service to her customers.
Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Local PCCs Hoping to Strike Gold

The best athletes from more than 200 nations around the world competed for Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the Olympic Games which are held every four years, with the Summer and Winter Games alternating every two years in the cycle.

But every year, Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) from around the United States compete for recognition for best performance --- and 2017 is no exception. Winners will be announced next week in Washington DC. 
Broward County PCC (BCPCC) nominations include:

“Membership Excellence” features efforts to increase PCC membership through participation in Waffle Wednesdays at Mad Agency Studios, and local Chambers of Commerce and Eastside Professional Networkers meetings. PCC members worked together and shared their expertise in designing and printing postcards to promote monthly meetings and activities. PCC members participated in community activities, including the First-Day-Of-Issue dedication ceremony for the Patriotic Nonprofit stamp with the Hollywood Stamp Club and the Graphics of Americas Conference and Exposition.

“PCC Partner of the Year”: Throughout the fiscal year, Broward County and Miami-Dade County PCCs capitalized on each other’s strengths and partnered on events with the support of the Executive Boards, including Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney and Miami Postmaster Enrique Suarez. Joint events included educational seminars, i.e. “Direct Mail 101,” “Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM),” “How Nonprofits Market Their Businesses” “How to Protect Your Business from Fraud,” “Hurricane Preparedness,” “Irresistible Mail,” “Postage Rate Changes,” “Targeted Mail,” and “The Perfect Platform For Your Platform.”  

In 2016, the BCPCC captured “Silver” in the Membership Excellence category in the annual PCC Awards Recognition Program. Under the leadership of Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney and Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman, the PCC of Broward utilized direct mail invitations and provided Subject Matter Experts as guest speakers to increase membership. No one performed on a balance beam, swam in a 400-meter relay or wrestled a competitor.

Miami-Dade County PCC (MDCPCC) nomination categories include:

“Communication Excellence” involved the membership creating and printing a postcard to promote several “The Perfect Platform for Your Platform” seminars to educate local candidates on the benefits of Direct Mail.

“Education Excellence” with focus on several “The Perfect Platform for Your Platform” seminars for local political candidates to learn more about the benefits of Direct Mail to promote and deliver a successful campaign. Seminars covered Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), rate changes, and fraud prevention. Other educational activities included a tour of Goodwill Industries of South Florida in Miami, FL, International Service Center (ISC) in Miami, FL, and Royal Palm Processing and Distribution Center in Opa-locka, FL. The MDCPCC also participated in the Graphics of Americas Trade Show.

“PCC Industry Member of the Year” with Nominee Cathy Brewer who is a second generation mailer with over 39 years of expertise in the Direct Mail industry. Brewer worked in the family’s printing business since 1978 and rose to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Liberty Mailing, Inc., from 1996 to 2008. Then the business merged with Nationwide Graphics, and four years later, merged with Franklin Dodd Communications, which subsequently was purchased by Southeastern in 2016. Currently, Brewer serves as the Domain Expert in Mailing and Fulfillment. Brewer has been an MDCPCC member, and currently serves as treasurer.

"PCC Innovation of the Year” highlights include a “Minute at the Mic” segment for new members to take a minute to promote their business, participation in local Chambers of Commerce events, and establishment of a Membership Committee. The PCC enlisted the USPS Marketing Department, including the manager and Business Service Network Representatives, as well as USPS Sales Team members, to share their expertise at monthly meetings.

The Broward County Postal Customer Council (BCPCC) is reaching for the gold in the “Membership Excellence” and “PCC Partner of the Year” categories. Above, from left: Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney, Nova Southeastern University Director of Business Services David Newell, USPS Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman, Postal Center International, Inc. Business Development and Client Relations Manager Laura Shtrax, and JKG Group Sales Executive Robert (Bob) Licari. Serving on the BCPCC Executive Board, Guiney is Postal Chair and Newell is Vice Chair with Shratx as Treasurer. Worthman is PCC Administrator and Licari is a board member whose focus is community outreach.  

Right: Broward and Miami-Dade County Postal Custom Councils hosted several "The Perfect Platform for Your Platform" seminars. Mailing Senior Sales Executive Helene Diaz (right) promoted the value of Direct Mail in political campaigns to local candidates who attended.

Left: Miami Postmaster Enrique (Rick) Suarez (far, center) provided Postal Customer Council (PCC) members with an impressive, fact-filled tour of the Miami Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).

Photos: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

Friday, July 28, 2017

Coming Soon: Pollinators Stamps

On August 3, the U.S. Postal Service pays tribute to the beauty and importance of pollinators with stamps depicting two of our continent’s most iconic, the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) and the western honeybee (Apis mellifera), each shown industriously pollinating a variety of plants native to North America.

The stamps from top left to right feature a monarch and a coneflower (photo by Karen Mayford); a monarch and a zinnia (photo by Bonnie Sue Rauch); a monarch and a goldenrod (photo by Justin Fowler); a western honeybee and a golden ragwort (photo by George D. Lepp); and in the second row, the second image from the left, a western honeybee and a New England aster (photo by Michael Durham). The remaining stamps in this pane of 20 are showcased in a scattered arrangement reminiscent of a field of wildflowers. The selvage photograph features a monarch and a goldenrod — a different view of the same two species depicted on one of the stamps (photo by Justin Fowler).

Miami Customer Services Offices Win National Premium PO Box Contest

Miami Postmaster Enrique (Rick) Suarez congratulates four Miami Customer Services offices that were recognized in the Headquarters-sponsored Premium PO Box Contest for most opened boxes in FY17 (April 15 - May 12, 2017). 

There was an opportunity of 42 winners each week after meeting one of the three categories, opening three, four or seven P.O. Boxes during one of the contest weeks. Miami Customer Services was awarded five of the prizes in these categories.

Allapattah Station was awarded with two $50 gift certificates for meeting the criteria of Category 1, opening three P.O. Boxes during Weeks 2 and 3. Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch won a $50 gift certificate also for meeting the criteria of Category 1 during Week 1. In addition, Miami had winners who met the Category 2 criteria of opening four P.O. Boxes: Shenandoah Finance Unit in Week 2 and Gratigny Branch in Week 4.

“Congratulations to the Miami Customer Services offices that received gift certificates for their commitment!” said Suarez.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Opa-locka Postmaster Seeks Ad-Hoc Supervisors for Carol City Branch

If you’re interested in broadening your postal horizons as an Ad-Hoc Supervisor, Customer Services (EAS-17), Opa-locka Postmaster Elouise Holliday has two detail opportunities. All qualified career and non-career postal employees in the South Florida District are eligible to apply. The successful applicant will report to the Carol City Branch, 18690 NW 37 Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056. These two Ad-Hoc positions are not to exceed six months.

Ad-Hoc #1: Non-Scheduled Days Sunday/Rotating; 3:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Ad-Hoc #2: Non-Scheduled Days Sunday/Rotating, 12 Noon–9:00 p.m.         

FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Supervises a group of employees in the delivery, collection, and distribution of mail, and in window service activities within a Post Office, station or branch, or detached unit.

KNOWLEDGE OF PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT systems and standards, and customer satisfaction indicators, as they relate to customer service operations.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Prepares employees for change by establishing and maintaining continuous dialogue with employees; communicates change to employees and reassures them during the transition from present to future state.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Organizes and expresses thoughts and information in a clear and concise manner while tailoring the message to the audience; engages in active listening; is aware of the impact of nonverbal cues on the message being delivered; takes into account the feelings and motivation of others when delivering a message.

EMPLOYEE FOCUS: Establishes a positive and safe work environment conducive to increasing productivity through treating employees with dignity and respect; defines the roles of employees and clarifies their responsibilities for the success of the organization; provides employees with the tools and support they need to accomplish their goals.

FUNCTIONAL ADMINISTRATION: Completes administrative tasks; generates and analyzes daily reports to ensure appropriate documentation of operations.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Manages the operation through the use of operational plans developed to drive work unit and organizational performance; addresses labor relations issues and applies knowledge of local and national agreements to solve workplace conflicts; analyzes data on a regular basis to determine if adjustments to current operations are necessary to achieve goals.

PERSONAL ACUMEN: Adapts to changes in the business environment; demonstrates trustworthiness and initiative to accomplish work unit and organizational goals and objectives.

WORK UNIT PLANNING: Determines priorities of the work unit on a daily and weekly basis; identifies resources (employees and capital) needed to accomplish goals and allocates resources as allowed to support the priorities and goals established for the work unit and organization as a whole.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested employees must submit their eCareer profile, along with a summary of accomplishments addressing above requirements. All applications should be mailed to Elouise Holliday, Postmaster, 550 Fisherman Street, Opa-locka, FL 33054-9998 for receipt by Close Of Business (COB) Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

Inspection Service Scores Home Run in Mail Security for All-Star Game

Front Row, from left: Assistant Inspector In Charge Delany DeLeon-Colon and Postal Inspector JaLeesa Osborne. Second Row, from left: Senior Technical Surveillance Specialist Thomas Ludwig, Postal Inspector/Team Leader Bladismir Rojo, Postal Inspector Daniel Borja, Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez, Postal Inspector/Team Leader Delfin Alvarez, Postal Inspector Reldys Torres, Postal Inspector Vivian Guerrero, Operations Technician Robert LaTorre, and Postal Inspector Johnny Niedzwiedzki. Third Row, from left: Postal Inspector Brian McCarthy, Postal Inspector Otto Fernandez, Postal Inspector Lorenzo Somoza, and Senior Technical Surveillance Specialist Stephen Godlewski.

Security is a high priority at sporting events around the country, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service Miami Division scored a home run in mail security during Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game activities in Miami.
All high-visibility sporting events, including the MLB All-Star Game, Super Bowl, and Olympic Games to name a few, are a national security concern that requires the coordination of federal, state, and local law enforcement resources. Recently, MLB secured the U.S. Postal Inspection Service Miami Division to conduct mail and package screening prior to delivery of items to Marlins Park, as well as to local hotels where players and dignitaries resided during All-Star Game activities. Inspectors were responsible for the visual and physical screening of all U.S. mail and products to include goods shipped via private courier, i.e. DHL, FedEx, and UPS under protocols of national security.

During the week of July 6, the Postal Inspection Service Team reported for duty 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Miami Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC). Postal Inspectors/Team Leaders Del Alvarez and Bladismir (Blad) Rojo led the organized security checks on the South Platform. Postal Inspectors, including  the Dangerous Mail Investigations (DMI) Team, thoroughly screened mail and packages for signs of Hazardous Materials and/or Biological/Chemical Threats, as well as Radiation and Potentially Explosive Devices or Improvised Explosion Devices, at their Mobile Mail Screening Box Truck (MMSBT). Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez worked closely with DHL, FedEx and UPS personnel to ensure the safety of all concerned.
Postal Inspector Johnny Niedzwiedzki (right) stood watch for all mail and packages arriving on the Miami Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) South Platform. Miami Flagler Station Letter Carrier Vikki Purdy (left) dropped off mail and packages destinating Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star venues for screening.  
General Analyst Karina Capo (left) and Postal Inspector Vivian Guerrero (right) distributed packages between equipment destined to Major League Baseball (MLB) venues. 
Operations Technician Robert LaTorre (above) recorded mail volume statistics in the laptop.
Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez (right) stood watch as FedEx employees unloaded their packages at the South Platform of the Miami Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC).

Photos: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

'Tag, You're It!' at Lauderridge Annex

"Team Lauderridge” in Fort Lauderdale is all about safety. From left, Lauderridge Annex A/Supervisor, Customer Services Robert Baker; Supervisor, Customer Services Carlos Rodriguez; and A/Manager, Customer Services Jordan Beabout.

"Tag, you're it!" at the Lauderridge Annex in Fort Lauderdale.

Playing tag may be a childhood game that has no team, scores or equipment. But at the Lauderridge Annex, "tag" has another meaning and is no laughing matter. But just like the game, if you (or in this case, postal equipment) is tagged, you are out!

Defective or Damaged Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) are hazardous and must not be used until they have been repaired and are judged to be in safe operation condition. This safety trio reminds employees that all unsafe or unserviceable equipment should be identified with a PS Form 4707, “Out of Order” tag on the equipment. 

During a recent Safety Talk, A/Manager, Customer Services Jordan shared that defects, including broken latches, missing critical parts (i.e. latches or fasteners) may cause the container to be unsafe, and therefore, the equipment needed to be taken out of circulation until repaired. 

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone in the facility plays a part,” said Supervisor, Customer Services Carlos Rodriguez. 

Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

On This Day in History

On this day in 1775, the U.S. postal system is established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first Postmaster General. Franklin (1706-1790) put in place the foundation for many aspects of today’s mail system.

During early colonial times in the 1600s, few American colonists needed to send mail to each other; it was more likely that their correspondence was with letter writers in Britain. Mail deliveries from across the Atlantic were sporadic and could take many months to arrive. There were no Post Offices in the colonies, so mail was typically left at inns and taverns.

In 1753, Benjamin Franklin, who had been Postmaster of Philadelphia, became one of two joint Postmasters General for the colonies. He made numerous improvements to the mail system, including setting up new, more efficient colonial routes and cutting delivery time in half between Philadelphia and New York by having the weekly mail wagon travel both day and night via relay teams. Franklin also debuted the first rate chart, which standardized delivery costs based on distance and weight.

In 1774, the British fired Franklin from his Postmaster job because of his revolutionary activities. However, the following year, he was appointed Postmaster General of the United Colonies by the Continental Congress. Franklin held the job until late in 1776, when he was sent to France as a diplomat. He left a vastly improved mail system, with routes from Florida to Maine and regular service between the colonies and Britain. President George Washington appointed Samuel Osgood, a former Massachusetts congressman, as the first Postmaster General of the American nation under the new U.S. constitution in 1789. At the time, there were approximately 75 Post Offices in the country.


The Postal Service is a not-for-profit, self-supporting agency that covers its expenses through postage (stamp use in the United States started in 1847) and related products. The Postal Service gets the mail delivered, rain or shine, using everything from planes to mules. However, it’s not cheap: The U.S. Postal Service says that when fuel costs go up by just one penny, its own costs rise by $8 million.

Size and Scope
The United States Postal Service delivers more mail to more addresses in a larger geographical area than any other post in the world. The Postal Service delivers to more than 156 million addresses in every state, city and town in the country. Everyone living in the United States and its territories has access to postal products and services and pays the same for a First-Class postage stamp regardless of their location.

By the Numbers*
71.4 billion     —  2016 operating revenue
153.9 billion   —  number of mailpieces processed and delivered
47                    —  percent of the world’s mail volume handled by USPS 
1.9 billion       —  dollar amount paid every two weeks in salaries and benefits
508,908 **       —  number of career employees
130,881 **       —  number of non-career employees
31,585             —  number of USPS-managed retail offices
227,896           —  number of vehicles (one of the largest civilian fleets in world)
16.6 million    —  number of address changes processed
13.5 billion     —  total retail revenue
877.4 million  —  total number of retail customer visits
24                    —  percent of retail revenue from alternative access channels
1.7 billion       —  total number of visits to
280 million     —  total Postal Store revenue on
564 million     —  number of Click-N-Ship labels printed
$1.3 billion       total revenue, in dollars, from postage on Click-N-Ship labels
90.3 million    —  number of money orders issued
5,989,439        —  number of passport applications accepted at Post Offices
$149.7 million — total revenue, in dollars, from passport applications
$440.2 million — amount in revenue from 2,835 postal Self-Service Kiosks
1.1 million      —  number of new delivery points added to the network in 2016
156.1 million  —  total number of delivery points nationwide
0                      —  tax dollars received for operating the USPS 

*  All information based on Fiscal Year 2016 data, unless otherwise noted.
** As of Sept. 30, 2016

MPOO Now Accepting Applications For Ad-Hoc Key West Postmaster

Does your career path include becoming a Postmaster? If so, Manager, Post Office Operations Denise Young is offering an Ad-Hoc opportunity that may be of interest to you. Young is seeking a motivated and energetic individual with a wealth of postal knowledge and experience to serve as Key West Postmaster.

All qualified South Florida District career and non-career employees are eligible to apply for this Ad-Hoc position, not to exceed six months. The successful candidate will be assigned to the Key West Post Office, 400 Whitehead Street in Key West, FL.

Non-Scheduled Days: Saturday/Sunday; Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.    

Decision Making/Problem Solving. Ability to carry out operational plans and procedures within the framework of policy. Ability to obtain and interpret relevant facts; analyze problems, complaints, and suggestions; devise effective plans and procedures; and take appropriate action. Ability to analyze problems and to devise improvements.
Budget Operations. Ability to prepare a budget and maintain financial records. Ability to carry out operations economically and efficiently. Ability to maintain operating cost and expenditures in proper relationship to the authorized budget.
Planning and Scheduling of Work. Ability to plan operations over appropriate time periods, taking into account variations in workload and available resources. Ability to adjust work activities and schedules to meet emergency operations.
Safety and Health. Knowledge of safety procedures needed to ensure that safe working conditions are maintained. Knowledge of procedures and techniques established to avoid injuries to self, employees, and customers. Knowledge of normal accident prevention measures and emergency procedures. Knowledge of a Postmaster's safety and health responsibilities. Knowledge of the relationships of safety and health considerations to efficient operations, including absenteeism and operating costs.
Customer and Community Relations. Ability to conduct operations in an attitude of responsive service to customers. Ability to present a favorable Postal Service image to the community. Ability to be active in community life. Ability to comprehend and communicate information, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of operating procedures and standards, postal rates and classes, and commonly encountered customer needs. Ability to sell ideas, positions, and recommendations to others. Ability to interact tactfully and relate well with others.
Knowledge of labor relations policies, including management's rights, the rights of employees and their representatives, national and local labor agreements, and applicable laws and regulations. Ability to negotiate effectively with employee groups. Knowledge of policy pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. Ability to deal fairly with all employees, customers, and business contacts.
Employee Development. Ability to train and develop employees. Ability to delegate work to subordinates according to their current ability and capacity for growth.
Supervision. Ability to define assignments or projects clearly. Ability to delegate authority, and to work with and through others effectively. Ability to direct or coordinate individual or group action in order to accomplish a task or goal. Ability to motivate and lead employees of varied backgrounds and skill levels. Ability to deal fairly and objectively with subordinates.

How to Apply:
Interested employees must submit their eCareer profile, along with a summary of accomplishments addressing the above eight requirements. All applications should be mailed to the below address for receipt by Close of Business (COB) Monday, August 7, 2017.

Denise Young
Manager, Post Office Operations
USPS District Office
1900 W Oakland Park Blvd RM 129
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310-9998

New Shark Stamps to Surface at POs; Will You Need a Bigger Envelope?

The U.S. Postal Service will celebrate the wonder of sharks by issuing the Sharks Forever stamps featuring five species that inhabit American waters — the mako, thresher, great white, hammerhead and whale shark.

But will you need a larger envelope? Not!

Please share the news on social media using the hashtag #SharksStamps.

Available at Post Offices nationwide on Wednesday, July 26, the First-Day-Of-Issue ceremony will place at 8 a.m. ET at the Newport Aquarium in Newport KY. You may purchase the stamps at this link now for delivery shortly after the stamps are issued.

Artist Sam Weber of Brooklyn, NY, based his five illustrations on images captured by undersea photographers. Using those references and the guidance of shark experts, he created clear, realistic depictions of sharks in action. Sketching first with a pencil, Weber then used his computer to add detail, dimension and color. Art director Derry Noyes of Washington DC, designed the pane.

As apex predators, sharks keep other marine life in balance, and by doing so, they play a critical role in regulating our largest ecosystem — the oceans.  As one of the nation’s oldest public service institutions, the Postal Service takes pride in using its stamps to raise awareness of important issues. The stamps unveiled will help highlight the need for shark conservation and a greater respect and admiration for these incredible animals.

Congratulations, Fort Lauderdale MO!

Congratulations to the Fort Lauderdale Main Office employees who won the USPS Headquarters-sponsored Premium PO Box Contest for most opened boxes in Week 4, FY 17 (May 6 – 12, 2017).

USPS Headquarters announced the national Premium PO Box contest that lasted four weeks (April 15 - May 12, 2017). There were opportunities for 42 winners each week, including 21 winners based on most PO Boxes opened per week or one winner per category, per Area, and 21 winners based on percentage over Same Period Last Year (SPLY) equating to one winner per category, per Area.

“Congratulations to the Fort Lauderdale Main Office team! Great job!” said Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney.

Front Row, from left: Sales and Services Associates Rivero Tivisay and Angela West; Lead Sales and Services Associate Alice Hughes, and Sales and Services Associate Sabrina Rogers. Back Row, from left: Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney, Sales and Services Associate Marlinda Spark, Distribution Clerk Nate Egerton, Sales and Services Associates Shelby Barnes and Mildred Frazier, and Fort Lauderdale Main Office Supervisor, Customer Services Sherman Mosley. Not pictured: Distribution Clerk Kim Viola.
Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Coulton is # 13 Postmaster in Jupiter



Jupiter Postmaster Brian Coulton (above) is proud to be the first Jamaican American male to hold this position. Photo: Lavon Barnett

There’s a new Postmaster in the spring training home of the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals. Up at bat is the #13 Postmaster for Jupiter, FL --- Brian Coulton, who also is the first Jamaican American male to hold this position. As Postmaster, Coulton is administratively and operationally responsible for 140 employees who work at the Jupiter Main Office and Tequesta Branch.

Prior to his promotion, he served as Jupiter, FL, Officer In Charge and A/Manager, Post Office Operations, Area 1. Coulton was promoted to Manager, Customer Services at the Jupiter Main Office/Tequesta Branch in 2013.

During his 32-year career, Coulton accepted several detail assignments of increasing levels of responsibility. Nineteen months after joining the U.S. Postal Service, Coulton was A/Supervisor of Mails at the Lake Worth Main Office. He also was detailed as Manager, Customer Services at several South Florida locations --- Boca Raton Downtown Station; Midport Station (Port St. Lucie); Port St. Lucie Main Office; Riviera Beach Post Office; Tequesta Branch; and City Place Station (West Palm Beach).  He simultaneously managed City Place Station and Southboro Station (West Palm Beach). He also served as Officer In Charge in Port St. Lucie.

Coulton gained mail processing experience through details at the West Palm Beach Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) and at the Boca Raton Delivery Distribution Center (DDC). He supervised the Tour 1 Delivery Bar Code Sorter (DBCS) Operation and ensured that the letter mail for Lake Worth was sorted and dispatched in a timely manner to the stations.   

He joined the U.S. Postal Service as a Distribution Clerk in the Lake Worth Post Office in March 1985 after having served in the U.S. Air Force from 1980 to 1984.

Tamiami SSA Earns Gold Star Award

Miami Customer Service Sales and Services Associates are aiming for continued excellence when it comes to working with our customers. Tamiami Branch Sales and Services Associate Sandra Visconti (above) provided outstanding service to her Miami customers and earned a Gold Star Award for her second 100% Retail Customer Experience (RCE) transaction in FY17.

“The Gold Star Award is a small token of appreciation to demonstrate that your achievements do not go unnoticed," said Miami Postmaster Enrique (Rick) Suarez. "Thank you for all the excellent customer service you provide.”
Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

Monday, July 24, 2017

Miami Welcomes International Guests

Miami International Service Center (ISC) Plant Manager Sheldon Dixon (second row, second left) and Manager, In-Plant Support Sonia Morales (front row, center) provided a mail processing tour to guests who represented several countries at the annual Express Mail Service (EMS) Symposium in Miami. The tour culminated a week of presentations and discussion to improve service among participating countries. 

From left, USPS Deputy Postmaster General/Chief Government Relations Officer Ronald A. Stroman; Miami International Service Center (ISC) Plant Manager Sheldon Dixon; and Secretary General of the Postal Union of the Americas Spain and Portugal (PUASP) Robert Cavanna participated in the EMS Symposium.

Photos: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Miami Springs SSA Earns Gold Status

Miami Springs Finance Unit Sales and Services Associate Renee Cunningham (above) earned a Gold Star Award for her third 100% Retail Customer Experience (RCE) transaction in FY17.

“The Gold Star Award is a small token of appreciation to demonstrate that your achievements do not go unnoticed,” said Miami Postmaster Enrique (Rick) Suarez. “Thank you for all of the excellent customer service you provide.”

Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte