Saturday, July 22, 2017

In Miami, All That Glitters IS Gold!

Ludlam Branch Letter Carrier Nora Perez (right) was pleased to reunite a missing ring with Miami Customer Doris Grisanti Young (left). 

Miami Ludlam Branch Letter Carrier Nora Perez delivered more than letter mail and packages to Customer Doris Grisanti Young.  Perez, who has delivered mail on this route for five years, knows all of her customers, by name, and has established a great relationship with all of them.

In June, Perez stepped out of her vehicle to deliver a package at the customer’s home and noticed something shining on the ground.  She picked up a small gold ring that to most would seem insignificant and noticed the initials “DG” inscribed on the ring. Perez rang the doorbell and asked her customer if the ring found on her driveway belonged to her … and it did.  Her grandparents had gifted the ring to her when she was only 11 years old.  Grisanti Young was so touched by Perez’ honesty that she wrote a letter to the Postmaster addressed to the Ludlam Branch. 

I am writing you to congratulate you on having such a wonderful employee as Nora Perez. Nora is not only courteous, and a very efficient mail carrier, but is a person of great character.  She rang our doorbell to ask us if the ring she had found outside in front of our home was ours.  It was.  You have no idea how happy I was since my grandparents had given me the ring so many years ago.  The sentimental value attached to the ring is priceless.  I am so happy Nora found it. In this day and age, when there is very little to look up to, Nora reinstalled in me the faith that there are still people out there you can believe in.”  
On behalf of Miami Postmaster Enrique (Rick) Suarez (not pictured), Ludlam Branch Manager, Customer Services Vicente Perez-Melendez (second from right) presented Letter Carrier Nora Perez (right) with a Certificate of Appreciation. Pictured at left are Customers Mr. and Mrs. Young who were pleased with the recognition given their Letter Carrier of five years. 
Customer Doris Grisanti Young (above) showed the inscription “DG” on the ring which Ludlam Branch Letter Carrier Nora Perez (not pictured) had found on her driveway. Young was thrilled to receive the missing ring which her grandparents had given her as a child.
Photos: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

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