Monday, January 30, 2012

USPS Offers '2nd Ounce Free'

Roll Tide! USPS Salutes Alabama National Football Championship

To celebrate the University of Alabama’s National Football Championship, the U.S. Postal Service’s Alabama District is accepting orders for limited-edition collectible commemorative envelopes at $10 each and double-matted artwork —suitable for framing —at $25 each. Supplies are limited so order quickly with the attached form.  Call 205-521-0957 for more information.

The Latest on S. 1789 Postal Reform

On Thursday, January 26, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate would take up the “Stock Act,” which bans insider trading by Members of Congress, rather than postal reform legislation during the week of January 30.
There is some uncertainty about scheduling Senate consideration of S. 1789, although the Senate Leadership, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, and Ranking GOP Member Susan Collins would like to begin consideration during the week of February 6.  
            S. 1789 would change the laws that govern postal operations.  Major provisions of the bill would:
§         Transfer more than $11 billion in surplus retirement contributions from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRDF) to the Postal Service Fund
§         Change the payments that USPS is required to make to the USPS Retiree Health Benefits Fund (PSRHBF)
§         Permit the USPS to reduce mail delivery from six days per week to five
§         Authorize the USPS to offer employees credit for additional years of service as an incentive to retire
§         Reduce payments to most federal workers receiving benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) and reform the administration of that act. In addition, other provisions of S. 1789 would aim to help the USPS reduce its costs and increase its revenues.
There are some “speed bumps” associated with the bill:
§         The Committee has yet to file its report on the bill. 
§         The Congressional Budget Office calculated a significant cost associated with bill.
§         Several controversial provisions are generating strong opposition.

Feindt is New Southwest Area Vice President

A familiar face has returned to the South … make that Southwest.
Jo Ann Feindt is our new Vice President, Southwest Area Operations, following the retirement of Linda J. Welch in December 2011.
Many readers will remember Feindt as a South Floridian who progressed through the managerial ranks locally for most of her 32-year career. Her outstanding leadership contributed to record level service performance.  Throughout the years, she has continued to value, recognize, and thank employees for their contributions to the success of the organization.
In 1979, Feindt began as a Fort Lauderdale distribution clerk, and then served in a variety of positions, including Supervisor, Delivery and Collections; Manager, Quality Control; Manager, Operations Services; and Manager, In Plant Support. Feindt also served as Plant Manager, South Florida Processing and Distribution Center and Senior Plant Manager, South Florida District.  She was South Florida District Manager prior to her promotion to Area Vice President, Area Operations in the Great Lakes Area in 2003.
As AVP, Feindt is the senior postal official responsible for mail processing and distribution, delivery, retail and administrative operations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, parts of Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.