Tuesday, July 22, 2014

School's Out for Summer

The Postal Service reminds employees to look out for children on roads and sidewalks now that schools are out for summer.

Here are some tips:
  • Whenever there’s a ball rolling in the street, there’s likely to be a child following it. Slow down and prepare to stop quickly.
  • Pay attention to the lone child walking along the street. Drivers are more likely to overlook a single youngster than several together.
  • Be aware of children on roller skates, skateboards or roller blades who often roll onto streets from alleys or driveways.
  • Look out for bicyclists — especially young or new riders. Give them plenty of room.
  • When mail is out of sequence, never back up to re-deliver a missed box. Get out of the vehicle, secure it properly and walk to the missed box if you can do so safely.
Also, never give mail to children while inside a vehicle. If children approach the vehicle, get out and ask them to move away. Double check the area surrounding the entire vehicle before resuming delivery.

Quick Response Pleases Sir Speedy

West Palm Beach Field Sales Representative Curlita Rogers-Saunders
Photo:  Gale G. Jackson

Field Sales Representative Curlita Rogers-Saunders was quick to respond to Sir Speedy, a managed account that presented Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) pieces at the Haverhill Branch in West Palm Beach. The customer had some concerns which Rogers-Saunders addressed and shared with Manager, Customer Services Yves Jean-Pierre. He then spoke with his Retail Associates who requested that Rogers-Saunders conduct a refresher course on this popular postal product. Rogers-Saunders conducted a training session to explain dimensions, weights, thickness, address orientation, indicia, and payment of EDDM. “I can’t thank Curlita enough for the absolutely wonderful presentation,” said Retail Associate Ann Melton. The Sir Speedy customer also was pleased with the outcome.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hurricane Edition Helps Us Weather the Storm

It’s been nearly nine years since Florida was hit by a hurricane. “We’ve had some relatively quiet years so it’s only human nature that the longer we go between hurricanes, we lose our appreciation for the risk,” said South Florida District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor, now in his second season in South Florida. “Remember while we can’t control Mother Nature, we can control how well we are prepared.”

The District’s employee newsletter, the South Florida Insider, has issued a special edition on hurricane preparedness to help employees and their families weather the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Employees received a hard copy at their address of record. 

Special thanks to Illustrator/Painter Barry Artiz for his creative and artistic talents in this special edition.

Palm Beach Gardens Carrier is a Hero

Palm Beach Gardens Letter Carrier Charles Spence is a hero.  Photo:  Gale G. Jackson

In addition to providing outstanding service to our customers, Letter Carriers also are the eyes and ears of the community. Palm Beach Gardens, FL, residents are thankful for Letter Carrier Charles Spence who was making deliveries to a cluster box when he observed the suspicious activity of two men canvassing homes. His call to 9-1-1 led to the arrest of three suspects with criminal histories that included grand theft. 

“We are proud of Mr. Spence’s contribution to his community and the U S Postal Service,” said Manager, Customer Services Denise Young. “No doubt his intervention leaves local residents feeling just a little safer.”

Sunrise Carrier Saves 2,206 S/L Hours

From left, Sunrise Branch Letter Carrier Kenneth Fuller and Manager, Customer Services Joanna Borger are all smiles. Photo: Amy J. McCall

Manager, Customer Services Joanna Borger recognized Sunrise, FL, Branch Letter Carrier Kenneth Fuller for outstanding attendance. Fuller has 2,206 hours of accumulated sick leave. "The Postal Service owes a great deal to the loyalty and dedication of its employees, and I am happy to commend employees such as Ken for his many contributions throughout the years," Borger said.

WPB P&DC # 3 in Surface Visibility

From left, Tours 1 & 2 West Palm Beach Mail Handler Team Lenny Tarafa, Bobby Walker, Lewis Morgan III, Kevin Smiley, Luis Reyes; and Networks Specialist Scott Willey. 
Currently, the West Palm Beach P&DC is ranked # 3 in the nation in Surface Visibility Scanning.  The team has its sights on being # 1!

“The Mail Handlers and Clerks involved in Surface Visibility scanning have exceeded my expectations,” said Manager, Transportation Networks Roe M. Herzog. “I am very proud of these employees who have demonstrated excellence performance.”

From left, Tour 3 West Palm Beach Mail Handler Team Carlos Pelaez, Gary Rashkin, Tim Smith, Manny Vega, Daniel Boynton, Charlie Mc Cray, Hector Larrue, and Manager, Transportation Networks Roe M. Herzog.                                                                                  

WPB Retail Associates Earn Gold

West Palm Beach Main Office Retail Associate Rajimon Antony                          

Two thumbs up to Retail Associate Rajimon Antony for earning a Gold Star Award for a Retail Customer Experience at the West Palm Beach Main Office. Antony engages customers by making eye contact while pleasantly greeting them. His attention to the hazmat questions protects the safety of the employees and mail while simultaneously upselling postal products and services.      

Rajimon is joined by the following Retail Associates in achieving 100% RCE:  Rebecca Mannisto, Lake Park Branch; Cathy Mitchell, North Palm Beach Branch; and Donna Settle, Wellington Branch.

Presenting the First Graduating Class of the New Supervisor Program

From left, District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor and New Supervisor Program graduates Dianne Scott, Sandra Fiedler, Wendy Carlisle, and David Samarel. Photo: Edith Naar

South Florida District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor is pleased to present  the first graduating class of the New Supervisor Program:  Wendy Carlisle, Key West Post Office; Sandra Fiedler, Georgia Parsons, Fort Pierce Post Office; David Samarel, Boca Main Office; and Dianne Scott, Port St. Lucie Main Office.  These dedicated employees completed 52 weeks of training --- in addition to maintaining a daily work routine.  At their graduation ceremony, Taylor praised their commitment to the Postal Service and its future. “Your graduation from this program is the biggest step that starts everything in your career,” said Taylor. “The Postal Service gave you the opportunity, but you’re the one who did it.  Be proud of yourself.”

Special thanks to Manager, Learning Development and Diversity Damaris Agrait and Human Resources Specialist Edith Naar who tracked each student’s progress in completing 139 online courses totaling 225 training hours (including hands-on experience in the workplace).  Graduates also would like to thank their mentors: Port St. Lucie Supervisor, Customer Services Angie Alvarez (Scott); Manager, Post Office Operations Joseph Croce (Carlisle); Boca Raton Supervisor, Customer Services Brian Cronin (Samarel); Stuart Postmaster Joel Ouellette (Parsons); and Clewiston Postmaster Ruth Nall (Fielder).

The second class in the New Supervisor Program is in its fourth month and is scheduled to graduate in March 2015.  Students include Tina Blount, Palms Central Annex; Carlisa Branon, Margate Branch; Victor Collado, Flagler Station; Deborah Dhue, Inverrary Branch, Pedro Gonzalez, Deerfield Beach Annex; Steve Maiorino, Haverhill Branch; Esteban Martinez,  Tamarac Branch; Elizabeth Muniz, Coral Springs Branch; John Neal, Flamingo Station; Neil Ricketts, Coconut Creek Postal Store; and Elouise Robinson-Holiday, Opa-Locka Main Office.

Miami Quail Heights Retail Associates Win SSK Adoption Rate Competition

From left, Retail Associates Edmund Campbell, Marissa Nieves, Ellen Mattox; Supervisor,  Customer Services Eduardo Sasso and Lead Retail Associate Jennifer Hope-Marquis.

Story & Photo:  Mirtha D. Uriarte

South Florida District might have lost the NBA Championship against Rio Grande District, but not the June “Self Service Kiosk (SSK) Battle of the Districts Competition.”

The competition took place June 11–30. Winning criteria comprised overall highest SSK adoption percentage, after meeting the initial target rate of 40%. South Florida District’s Quail Heights Branch took the lead with an overall adoption rate of 42%, achieving the highest rate percentage in both the Rio Grande and South Florida Districts.

The South Florida District Retail Team office tracked the daily progress and sent scores to      each participating office in order for each to track how they were ranking.  Not only were they competing between districts, but also units within each area.  The prize was a catered lunch    for all Retail Associates and EAS staff members.

Quail Height’s accomplishments would not have been possible without the continuous involvement of Lead Retail Associate Jennifer Hope-Marquis, Retail Associates Donna Burke, Michelle Byrd, Edmund Campbell, Bonnie Nichols, Marissa Nieves, and Ellen Mattox, along with Manager, Retail Services Mario Bossano and Supervisor, Customer Services Eduardo Sasso.

Participating offices included: Atlantic Branch, Boca Downtown Station, Boynton Main Office Station, Coconut Creek Branch, Coconut Grove Station, Coral Gables Branch, Coral Springs Branch, Country Lakes Branch, Davie Branch, Deerfield Beach Post Office, Delray Beach Post Office, Doral Branch, Father Felix Varela Branch, Flamingo Branch, Fort Lauderdale Main Office Station, Greenacres Branch, Hallandale Post Office, Haverhill Branch, Hillcrest Postal Station, Hobe Sound Post Office, Hollywood Post Office, Homestead Post Office, Jensen Beach Post Office, Jog Road Station, Jupiter Post Office, Kendall Branch, Key West Post Office, Lake Worth Main Office Station, Ludlam Branch, Margate Branch, Miami Gardens Branch, Miami GMF Finance Station, Midport Station, Milam Dairy Branch, North Miami Branch, Oakland Park Branch, Olympia Heights Branch, Palm Beach Gardens Branch, Palm City Post Office, Palmetto Park Branch, Palms West Branch, Pembroke Pines Branch, Pinecrest Postal Store, Plantation Branch, Pompano Main Office, Port St. Lucie Post Office, Rio Branch, Snapper Creek Branch, South Miami Branch, Southside Station, Stuart Post Office, Sunrise Branch, Sunset Branch, Tamiami Station, Tamarac Branch, Tequesta Branch, Tropical Reef Station, West Branch, West Dade Finance Station, West Palm Beach Main Office Window Unit, Weston Branch, and Woodlands Station.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Supervisor of Elections: WPB P&DC is 'Really Cool, Very Impressive'

From left, South Florida District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher at the West Palm Beach Processing and Distribution Center

Story & Photo: Gale G. Jackson, West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator 

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher gave a vote of approval to the West Palm Beach Processing and Distribution Center. Recently, Bucher met with District Manager Jeffery A. Taylor, Acting Senior Plant Manager Rufus Graham, Acting West Palm Beach Plant Manager Scott Bower, Marketing Manager Juan Nadal, and Manager, In Plant Support Darrell Hill.  They toured the facility and conducted a test run on absentee ballots. When asked about her thoughts on the mail processing tour, Bucher replied, “This is really cool, very impressive!”

Fort Lauderdale Delivers Good News to 11 City Carrier Assistants

After working as City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) for seven years, 11 Fort Lauderdale City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) are converting to Career Letter Carriers this week. Congratulations to Khalilah Adams, Willie Fitzpatrick, Norris Grandison, Abuvain Honore, Fiona Johnson, Santa Ohara, Frank Pardieu, Tiffaney Peters, Thomas Rios, Cedric Robinson, and Germaine Victor.  

“This is the best part of my position,” said Supervisor, Customer Services Irene Kivetz-Moore. “I love to call the employees and tell them the good news that they are converting. It really is a happy moment I get to share with them.” 

Davis Dad & Daughter Celebrate College Degree at the Beach!

Symone Davis (right) celebrates college graduation with a day at the beach with proud dad Craig Davis, Distribution Clerk at the Boynton Beach Downtown Station. 

By Victoria Shadd-Sutton, A/Administrative Assistant, MPOO 8

Symone Davis would agree that earning a college degree was nothing like a "day at the beach."  But daughter and dad celebrated her milestone among blue waters and white sand.

Craig Davis, Distribution Clerk at the Boynton Beach Downtown Station, is proud of daughter, Symone Davis, who graduated from the University of Central Florida. Congratulations, Symone!  Symone received her Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television with a Minor in Creative Writing.  She successfully interned as editor, writer, producer, and reporter at numerous media outlets. Her accomplishments also include Bright Futures Scholar of the National Association of Black Journalists, and UCF Lead Scholar.

Tamarac Letter Carriers Greenberg & Madera Save 6,347 Sick Leave Hours

Tamarac, FL, Manager Customer Services Jason Beach (center) is pleased to recognize Letter Carriers Tony Madera (left) and Jerry Greenberg (right) for their sick leave conservation.

Story & Photo:  Amy McCall, Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator

Tamarac, FL, Manager, Customer Services Jason Beach recognized Tony Madera who accumulated 3,404 hours of sick leave. Beach also acknowledged Letter Carrier Jerry Greenberg who saved 2,943 hours of sick leave.

“It’s not very often you have employees with this much accumulated sick leave,” said Beach.  “It speaks to the dedication and commitment of these employees, and I am proud to honor them today.” 

Weston Scores 100% VOE Index, Response Rates

Front row, from left: Mike Gordilla, Ann Smart, Dayvette Hunter, Beverly Singleton, and Elvie Gresham. Second row:  Cindy Sauls, Mary Ann McQuaide, Ray Diaz, Greg Febles, Courtney Macon, Gregory Brown and Manny Herrera-Guzman. Back row, from left: Jim Micel, Jim Dulong, Mike Felling, Tom Lopresti, Mitch Auster, Rodney Cobham, Duane Hunt (Manager, Customer Services), and Mike DiFederico.

Story & Photo: Amy McCall, Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator

It’s very unusual for an office to score 100 percent on its Voice of the Employee (VOE) Index survey score. Weston employees have done so and the previous quarter, employees scored a 100 percent response rate. Manager, Customer Services Duane Hunt is very proud of the perfect scores and plans to keep them coming.

“Communication and a good sense of humor are the tools for success on VOE,” said Hunt. “I couldn’t ask for a better team of employees.”

Letter Carrier Beverly Singleton says that Hunt and the management team treat everyone fairly and everyone does their job.  “Duane communicates with us regularly and he tells us what we need to get done and then he lets us do our jobs,” said Singleton. 

At the quarterly recognition meeting, South Florida District Manager Jeffery Taylor presented a Certificate of Appreciation for the highest VOE index district score to Hunt, who accepted on behalf of his team.

Customer Praises Jensen Beach Letter Carrier Debbie Dahmer

Jensen Beach Officer In Charge Kristopher Novy received this letter from a customer who praised Letter Carrier Debbie Dahmer:

Dear Mr. Novy:

In this day and age when “GOOD SERVICE” is such a rare commodity, it is a pleasure knowing and talking with Debbie Dahmer, our Letter Carrier on Hutchinson Island.

I have had the opportunity of living in many states and knowing many of the Postal Service people who serve the communities.

Since moving to Hutchinson Island 18 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Columbus, OH, I had the opportunity of meeting Debbie.  She is a shining example of what a service individual  should be and a very highly-motivated person. She is one of the BEST carriers I have ever known. No matter what we ask of her, she always does her job with a great big smile. In my business career of 35 years, I really appreciate talking to an individual who goes that “EXTRA MILE.”

Normally, you only hear the negative comments and seldom the positive ones.  Whenever a situation like this happens, few people will take the time to inform the company regarding the outstanding contributions their employees are making for their company.

It is my please to write this letter to you and extend my thanks for her help.

Richard G. Janes

President, Regency Island Dunes

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Customer Praises Haverhill Retail Associate Regina Bean

Customer Robert Pyle mailed a thank you letter and a miniature mail truck to Haverhill, FL, Branch Retail Associate Regina Bean as a token of his appreciation for receiving “top notch” service each time she handled his transactions. Her customer wrote: “I am a native Washingtonian and moved from DC to Palm Beach County approximately 20 years ago. I have always done business with the Post Office, refusing to use email or any kind of electronic communication which brings me to you, Regina. My theory is good people can do a good job, but no more than what they were paid to do. You are exceptional, being very much on the ball and you shine through her beautiful smile and caring attitude. You make your customers feel good as you move the line, and over the years have consistently done so. I will be relocating from the area this summer, but before I go I wanted to make sure that you receive the recognition you deserve.”  

Herbert 'Grandpa' Wildes Retires After 57 Years of Outstanding Gov't Service

It’s official.  Herbert Wildes, number one on the clerk craft seniority list, has retired.

For many years, Wildes found his “home away from home” with his “postal family” at the Miami General Mail Facility (GMF) Finance Unit where he provided outstanding service to his customers and earned the admiration of his co-workers. Over the years, some employees bid to other positions closer to home or with more convenient work hours, but Wildes remained the patriarch of the Miami GMF Finance Unit. 

Retail Associate Briggett Glinton shared the retail counter with Wildes for many years and organized a retirement celebration at a local banquet hall.  On Sunday, June 29, all co-workers gathered to pay tribute to Wildes, affectionately known as “Grandpa.”

On behalf of the group, Miami Postmaster Enrique Suarez presented Wildes with a clock with an inscription thanking him for his outstanding service over the years.  American Postal Workers Union APWU) General President Paula Mullens and Executive Vice President Eddie Caldwell also praised Wildes before family and peers.

Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte presented Wildes with a retirement scrapbook of photos which brought back memories.

“When I started my career, it was not the ‘United States Postal Service.’  It was the ‘United States Post Office’ and was financed with taxpayers’ money,” said Wildes. “Today it is financed with money we take in.”

He continued:  “I began at the Post Office Annex.  We would report for work two to three hours, then get off the clock and wait in the swing room until we went back to work for a few more hours.  Many days we were at the Post Office 12 or more hours for eight hours of pay.  When I started, postal pay was the lowest pay in the city so in hindsight, the working conditions are much better now than they were then.”
From left, APWU General President Paula Mullen and Executive Vice President Eddie Caldwell  present Wildes a plaque in recognition of his years of service and union membership. Photo: Mirtha D. Uriarte
From left, Herbert and Carol Wildes stand in amazement as Miami Postmaster Enrique M. Suarez unveils "Grandpa's" very own stamp enlargement. Photo: Mirtha D. Uriarte
Carol and Herbert Wildes display all recognition awards presented to "Grandpa."  Photo:  Mirtha D. Uriarte
Herbert and Carol Wildes dance at the retirement celebration.  Photo:  Mirtha D. Uriarte
Herbert "Grandpa" Wildes (center) with L to R former Manager, GMF Window Services China Velez, Retail Associate Raysa Rojas, Retail Associate Sonia Cofino, Retired Retail Associate Esther Gonzalez, Retail Associate Myriam Matias, Retail Associate Irma Knighton, Retail Associate Briggett Glinton, Retail Associate Nease Pieze, Retired Claims and Inquiry Clerk Sakeenah Shaheed, and Retired Retail Associate Louis Johnson.  Back Row:  Retail Associate Jorge Herrera, Jose Rojas. Photo: Mirtha D. Uriarte

MPOO 8 Salutes Retail Associates

From left:  Manager, Customer Services Gilberto Vega and Retail Associate Cynthia Grandison of Boynton Beach’s Jog Road Station are all smiles. Photo:  Brian Ter Horst

Retail Associate Cynthia Grandison of Boynton Beach’s Jog Station achieved a perfect score on a Retail Customer Experience (RCE). Manager, Post Office Operations Robert Weiser recognized the following Retail Associates for achieving perfect scores in Quarter 3:

Luis Andrade, Boca Raton West Postal Store; Clifton Jackson, Jupiter Tequesta Branch; Tracy Feran, Delray Beach West Branch; Betty Johnson, Palm City Post Office; Antoinet Margan, Deerfield Main Post Office; Linnie O’Brien, Boynton Beach Downtown Branch; Perry Romeo, Lake Worth Main Office Station; Joni Sapp, Palm Beach Worth Ave Post Office; Donnie Stiles, Lake Worth Lucerne Station; Joel Velez, Palm Beach Main Post Office; Florie Wilcox, Jupiter Main Post Office; Sally Wollersheim, Port Salerno Post Office; and Glen Zubris, Delray Beach Main Post Office.