Monday, July 19, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Two generations of Lambertis have succeeded at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia ... First Broward County Sheriff Al and now son, Nick.

Nick graduated from the FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA) Youth Leadership Program on July 1. He was one of 50 students chosen to attend the 13th session of the program. Applicants were nominated by local FBINAA chapters and had to have a parent who had graduated from the FBI Academy. Students who were selected demonstrated leadership, excellent character and had above average grades. Nick, a high school sophomore, has a 4.5 GPA and is an active community volunteer.

The Sheriff and postal wife, Holly Lamberti, a Delivery/Retail Analyst at the South Florida District, have reason to be proud. Congratulations, Nick!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miami ET John Mims Earns Nat'l Recognition For eIDEA on AFSM Modification

John Mims

Electronic Technician John Mims has earned national recognition for his eIdea suggestion to install a Plexiglas cover over the injection solenoid circuit boards on the AFSM 100. His cost-saving, service-driven initiative has reduced downtime not only at the Miami P&DC, but in plants across the nation.

During a local ceremony, Lead Plant Manager Jennifer Stevenson presented a national award to Mims. He also received a Letter of Appreciation written by Manager, Maintenance Operations Steve Ellis. Dale Walker, A/Plant Manager, Miami P&DC (at the time); Rick Amezquita, Manager, Maintenance; Steve Jakala, Supervisor, Maintenance Operations; and several Tour 3 co-workers attended.

“It’s employees like John Mims who play a major role in assisting the Postal Service in providing quality service to both internal and external customers,” said Stevenson. “This idea ensures we are able to improve service.”

“I have always valued employee suggestions as they are true reflections of day-to-day operations,” said Ellis. “John is a valued employee who is concerned about the state of our operating equipment. The implementation of his idea has resulted in more reliable machine performance and up time, consistent service to our customers, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety performance.”

Congratulations, John!

Story & Photo: JoAnn Goodrich, A/Communications Programs Specialist

Passport Fees Going Up On July 13

If you've been procrastinating about getting or renewing your passport, it's time to get moving because fees are significantly increasing effective Tuesday, July 13.

Adult passport book fees will increase from $100 to $135. Those for minors will jump from $85 to $105.

Renewal fees on adult passports will increase from $75 to $110.

Passport card fees also are rising from $45 to $55 for adults and from $35 to $40 for children. (Passport cards look like a driver's license and allow you to enter the U.S. from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-call.)

But there IS good news --- the processing fee charged by Post Offices that accept passport applications will not increase. That fee is $25 per application. For a list of Post Offices with passport acceptance services, go to and choose “Select a Post Office.” On the next page, fill in your address, and from the drop menu select “Passport Application Services.” Then click on “Search.” Some Post Offices require your scheduling an appointment.

Bon Voyage!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Delivering the Gift of Life

Front Row L-R: Dee Dee Morris, Damaris Agrait, Edith Naar & Rich Fermo. Back Row: L-R: Mark Pinson, Linda Ledford, Clint Ledford & Jennifer Thonus.

Story & Photo: JoAnn Goodrich

"Delivering the Gift of Life Campaign."

The South Florida District kicked off the USPS Marrow Donor Program on Thursday, June 10, at the Okeechobee Post Office.

Dee Dee Morris, Supervisor/Customer Service, coordinated the drive in honor of Linda Ledford who has been battling Leukemia for years. Dee Dee worked closely with Damaris Agrait, USPS South Florida Marrow Donor Program Coordinator. The event resulted in 46 new registrants and potential donors. Sixteen additional donors signed up for the Blood Drive also held in honor of Linda Ledford.

Great news! On June 16, Linda was matched with a cord blood stock and will receive stem cells.

The USPS has played a leading role since 1997 in helping recruit potential donors to the Marrow Donor Program through its Delivering the Gift of Life Campaign. In 2009, the USPS was the recipient of the first “Rod Carew Award for Leadership” for having saved more lives through marrow donation, more than any other business organization in the nation.

All postal employees, their spouses and dependents ages 18 and over, in good general health have a unique opportunity to share in a true miracle by joining the Be The Match Registry. A grant from the U.S. Postal Service covers the cost of adding employees and their immediate family members from around the country to join the registry.

How can you donate? Employees may look forward to other upcoming events (see below) where they may sign up to be a donor. You will also have the opportunity to apply online at

July 8, 9:00 pm to midnight, Miami P&DC
July 13, 7:30 am to 11:00 am, Palm Beach Gardens Branch
July 14, 9:00 pm to midnight, West Palm Beach P&DC
July 15, 8:00 pm to midnight, South Florida L&DC
July 16, 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Tropical Reef Station
July 22, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, Miami ISC
July 27, 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Flagler Station

For more information contact Damaris Agrait at 305-470-0881.

Postal Family Reunion at Palmetto Lakes Branch

(L to R) NALC Assistant Secretary Treasurer Billie Nutter, Sales & Service Associate Raymond Stafford, Manager/Customer Service Andre Robinson, Sales & Service Associate Jorge Estarellas, Letter Carrier Osvaldo Perez, Letter Carrier Phillip Stone, and Hialeah Officer-In-Charge Ernesto Cintado.

Story & Photo: Rose M. Castro

Recently, a recognition celebration turned into a homecoming for all involved when Palmetto Lakes Branch employees were presented awards for their valued years of service.

“Over one hundred and seventy five years of service and experience is standing here,” announced Hialeah Officer-In-Charge Ernesto Cintado. “All of us began our careers right here in Hialeah. I was trained by Mr. Stone and now I’m back to recognize him.”

Cintado fondly remembers riding in a jump seat while being trained as a letter carrier by Phillip Stone years ago. Billie Nutter, who attended the ceremony, is now the NALC Assistant Secretary Treasurer and Cintado is back on a higher level assignment as Officer In Charge Hialeah.

Palmetto Lakes Branch employees Phillip Stone was recognized for over 40 years of service, Raymond Stafford for 30 years and both Jorge Estarellas and Osvaldo Perez for 25 years of service.

“We have a postal family that we’ve all grown close too and it’s good to know we are still here working for the same company after all these years,” said Cintado.

Employees and attendees all were touched by the emotional reunion.

Miami Honors Film Director Oscar Micheaux in Black Heritage Stamp Series

(L to R) Barbara E. Anders, chairwoman of the Arts and Letters Committee of the Miami Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Angela Randle, A/Manager, Customer Service Operations; Rose Castro, Customer Relations Coordinator; and Cheryl Mizell, WEDR-FM 99 Jamz talk show host and event emcee.
Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Rose Castro and A/Manager Customer Service Operations Angela Randle pose with an enlargement of the Oscar Micheaux stamp in the Black Heritage commemorative series.
Dnizulu Gene Tinnie, artist and story teller, is recognized for his participation in the event by Angela Randle, A/Manager Customer Service Operations.
Miami Sales & Service Associate Briggett Glinton shares her smile at the retail table.

All Photo Credits: JoAnn Goodrich

Film director, screenwriter, producer and distributor Oscar Micheaux, who illuminated the African–American experience through more than 40 feature films, has been immortalized on a U.S. postage stamp, taking his place as the 33rd person honored in the popular Black Heritage commemorative stamp series.

Miami community leaders and students paid tribute to Micheaux in a ceremony at Booker T. Washington Senior High School in Overtown. The local celebration helped kick off last month’s Miami's American Black Film Festival.

Micheaux’s unique storytelling ability shattered stereotypes and challenged film audiences with realistic representations of African–Americans. On June 22, the stamp was dedicated at a First-Day-Of-Issue ceremony in Miller Auditorium at Columbia University in New York City.

Customer Relations Coordinators Rose Castro and JoAnn Goodrich organized Miami's celebration with Barbara E. Anders, chairwoman of the Arts and Letters Committee of the Miami Alumnae Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The hour-long event included featured performances from students, including those from Northwestern High who sang "We Are the World," and the Edwin Holland Dance Ensemble who tapped to "Sing, Sing, Sing." WEDR-FM 99 Jamz talk show host Cheryl Mizell was the emcee.

The Oscar Micheaux stamp is available at your local Post Office. All 33 stamp designs in the Black Heritage commemorative series may be viewed online at