Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greetings and Salutations at a PO Near You!

More than half of the 7 billion greeting cards sold in the U.S. are sent through the mail. Now consumers can buy, address and mail a greeting card while conducting other business under a year-long pilot program.

The Postal Service is testing a limited line of greeting cards in about 1,500 Post Offices. Five hundred initial sites were chosen based on availability of display space, the number of customers visiting the location and convenience to customers. An additional 1,000 locations will begin offering cards after the first of the year.

Participating South Florida Post Offices include: Boca Rio Branch, 8185 Via Ancho Road, Boca Raton FL ; Delray Beach Post Office, 14280 S Military Trail, Delray Beach FL; Doral Branch, 1700 NW 97 Avenue, Doral FL; Fort Lauderdale Main Office, 1900 W Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale FL; Jupiter Main Office, 1095 Military Trail, Jupiter FL; Kendall Branch, 13101 S Dixie Highway, Miami FL; Oakland Park Branch, 3350 NE 12 Avenue, Oakland Park FL; Palm Beach Gardens Branch, 3330 Fairchild Gardens Avenue, Palm Beach Gardens FL; Plantation Branch, 7580 NW 5 Street, Plantation FL; South Florida Main Office, 16000 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines FL; Stuart Post Office, 801 SE Johnson Avenue, Stuart FL; and West Palm Beach Main Office, 3200 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach FL.

The assortment includes cards for birthdays, baby announcements, encouragement, sympathy and wedding anniversaries. Additional seasonal displays will offer cards appropriate to various holidays and times of the year, including Mother’s Day.

Greeting cards join the selection of shipping and mailing products at the Postal Service, designed to better meet the needs of customers. In addition to items like mailing tape, envelopes and packaging, decorative mailing boxes make sending a gift easier than ever.

'Watch' QVC for 'PS I Love You' Holiday Gifts

The USPS-licensed Arjang and Company “P.S. I Love You” jewelry and watches will be featured on QVC on the Gifts for Her show from 6 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, October 29.
It’s a good time to buy a holiday gift, and every purchase of a USPS-licensed product generates royalty revenue for the Postal Service. The “P.S. I Love You” collection also will be featured at Zales and at throughout the holiday
shopping season.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Here are some safety tips to ensure that your Trick-or-Treaters have a Happy Halloween ...
  • For door-to-door trick or treating, go to homes of trusted friends.
  • Attend a private party hosted by friends, school, or church.
  • Let an adult inspect all candy before eating.
  • Only give or take candy in the manufacturer’s sealed package.
  • Parents should always accompany young children.
  • Don't go inside a stranger's house, no matter what anyone says.
  • Trick- or-Treaters should always be in groups so they aren't a tempting target for real life goblins. Make a map of your Trick or Treat route and check the route against the sex offender database.
  • Stay in your own neighborhood.
  • Stop only at well lit houses.
  • Carry a flashlight or light stick.
  • Use make up instead of a mask so you can see.
  • Wear light-colored clothing or costumes.
  • Always keep a safe distance between you and moving cars.
  • Be respectful of other people and their property.
  • Walk, don't run. Use sidewalks or walk facing traffic. Stop, look, and listen at corners.
  • Don't go inbetween parked cars or dart back and forth across streets.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your CFC Dollars at Work

There are millions of reasons to give to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) ... and each one has a name and a face. Helping people is what the CFC is all about. Your pledge will change the lives of people in need. Just think about some of the people your contribution can help ...

$2 a pay period provides transportation to the hospital for dialysis treatment.

$4 a month buys 145 pounds of food for a food bank.

$8 a month funds a weaving project for a group of poor women in Asia to produce hand-woven cloth for sale in their local markets.

$10 a month will pay for a complete platelet count for two children going through cancer treatment.

$10 per pay period provides diabetes risk tests to 13,000 individuals.

$12 a month pays 5 month's salary for an adult literacy teacher.

$15 a month provides a student with a school lunch each day.

$30 a month will buy three week's worth of medication for an AIDS Trial participant.

$35 a month buys clothing for three homeless American children.

$46 a month purchases livestock so 11 families in Africa can be self-sufficient for food.

There are more than 4,000 approved charities ready to accept your donation. Your gift to the CFC is strictly voluntary. If you do decide to pledge, how much you give and whether you wish to designate your support to a specific charity is your decision. Most employees elect to pledge an amount to be withheld regularly from their paycheck while others give a one-time gift during the campaign. When a CFC canvasser comes to your work unit, remember how your generosity will shape the lives of people in your community, across the country, and around the world.

Post Office Fun Facts

Highest Elevation — Leadville CO (about 10,150 ft)
Lowest Elevation — Mecca CA (about 180 ft below sea level)
Easternmost in US — Lubec ME
Westernmost in US — Wales AK
Northernmost in US — Barrow AK
Southernmost in US — Naalehu HI

Smallest — Ochopee FL (8’4” x 7’3”)
Oldest — Hinsdale NH (since 1816)
Coldest — North Slope Borough AK (average winter temp is -22°)
Hottest — Death Valley CA (average summer temp is 115°)

Most Unusual Construction — The Corrales NM Post Office was built using 875 bales of straw. The facility looks like others, but has a “truth” window in the lobby so the public can see its uniqueness. This Post Office also has a hitching post for our customers on horseback.
Most Unexpected — The Peach Springs AZ Post Office is equipped with walk-in freezers for food destined for delivery to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mule train to the Havasupai Indians.
Most Isolated — Located in the farthest reaches of northern Alaska, the Anaktuvuk Pass Post Office is the only link to the outside world for the residents who live there. There are no roads to the town, everything must be flown in.
Most Needing a Bridge — The Point Roberts WA Post Office cannot be reached by vehicle unless you drive through British Columbia, Canada. Only a boat or float plane will get you there directly.

Most Unusual Delivery Method — Mule trains in Arizona. Each mule carries about 130 pounds of mail, food, supplies and furniture down the 8-mile trail to the Havasupai Indians, averaging 41,000 lbs. per week. Another Unusual Delivery Method — The JW Westcott is a 45-foot contract mail boat out of Detroit MI, that delivers mail to ships passing by the Detroit River. The JW Westcott even has its own ZIP Code (48222).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

20% Postal Discount to Some Florida Attractions Ends October 31

Only several days remain for postal employees to take advantage of the 20% discount at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Adventure Island Tampa Bay, SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando (SeaWorld's new water park). This offer does not include Discovery Cove Orlando.

Only valid through Saturday, October 31, 2009!

Just show your USPS ID badge at the Guest Services Window to purchase up to 6 tickets at the 20% discount.

Remember, all one-day tickets are valid for a free upgrade to a next-day ticket. This means just take the ticket to the ticket upgrade window prior to leaving for the day of your park visit to upgrade your one-day ticket to a FREE next-day ticket.

Guests can also upgrade their one-day ticket towards a Fun Card or Passport by stopping by the upgrade window prior to leaving the park for the day. A credit of what they paid for the one-day admission will be applied to their Passport of choice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sharing Stories of Breast Cancer Survival --- and More!

West Palm Beach City Postmaster Maribeth A. Norman (L) hosted an informative "Breast Cancer Awareness" session at the West Palm Beach Public Library. She thanked breast cancer survivors Stephanie Ader, Retail Associate, West Palm Beach Main Office (Center L), and Brenda Smith, Letter Carrier, Palm Central Branch (Center R), for sharing their personal stories with attendees. Although Kathy Johnson, Retail Associate, Palm Beach Gardens Branch (R), had not been diagnosed with breast cancer, she spoke on the importance of early breast cancer detection in saving lives.
Leslie Miller, Supervisor of Customer Service Support, displays her pink ribbon magnet promoting breast cancer awareness. All attendees received a token of appreciation for sharing their lunchtime and learning about breast cancer early detection and treatment.
An enthusiastic Sonya Owens sold Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps at the "Lunch and Learn" event. Sonya is a Retail Associate at the West Palm Beach Main Office.
Mr. Manganaro's daughter, Linda, is a breast cancer survivor. During the presentation by Sandra Blank, Executive Director, Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network, he learned that men, too, are at risk for breast cancer. Background L to R: Palm Central Letter Carrier Brenda Smith and Palm Beach Gardens Retail Associate Kathy Johnson.
Sandy Blank, Executive Director of the Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network, is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor. Sandy shared her personal experience and gave a presentation on the "Myths or Facts of Breast Cancer" to postal employees and community members who gathered in the library auditorium.
(L toR) Kathy Johnson, Retail Associate, Palm Beach Gardens Branch; Sandy Blank, Executive Director of the Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network & Breast Cancer Survivor; Maribeth A. Norman, Postmaster of West Palm Beach City; Brenda Smith, Letter Carrier, Palm Central Branch; Stephanie Ader, Retail Associate, West Palm Beach Main Post Office; and Linda Manganaro, attendee and breast cancer survivor. Brenda and Stephanie, both breast cancer survivors, shared their personal stories with the audience.

Photos: JoAnn Goodrich, Customer Relations Coordinator, West Palm Beach

Postal Blue is Really Green!

From blue collection boxes, to blue uniforms, to the blue eagle logo, you may not realize just how green the Postal Service really is. In fact, the Postal Service is one of the greenest of all federal agencies.

This month the Postal Service announced the results of its first greenhouse gas report, its “carbon footprint.” The report showed that the Postal Service’s “direct” carbon footprint is only one twentieth of 1 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in America. That’s pretty green for an agency with 220,000 vehicles — the largest civilian fleet in the world — 34,000 facilities (more than McDonalds and Starbucks combined) and 618,000 employees.

By The Numbers (national figures)

5.3 million metric tons, total greenhouse gas emissions for our facility and vehicle operations
20% GHG reduction goal by 2020
30% energy use reduction goal by 2015
20% petroleum fuel use reduction goal by 2015
43,000 alternative-fuel capable vehicles in our fleet
10,000 non-fuel efficient vehicles retired from our fleet
61% increase of alternative fuel (E-85) usage since 2005
1.4 million mail pieces delivered by hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
4 pennies: per mile cost for each T-3 electric delivery vehicle 24,000 tons of paper diverted from landfills by our Post Office Box Lobby Recycling Program
17% reduction in facility energy use since 2003
875 billion BTUs saved per year (the energy equivalent of 27,000 US households)
500 million Cradle to Cradle certified Express Mail, Priority Mail, and ReadyPost recyclable packaging and supplies provided to customers each year
70 awards won for environmental leadership

As an independent federal agency that doesn’t receive tax dollars, the Postal Service is not required to take all these steps to be green, but the Postal Service has been and continues to be an environmental leader, committed to delivering now without compromising the needs of the future.

EAP: Help is Just A Phone Call Away

The holiday season is just around the corner --- a time of year that can be very stressful.
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has professional counselors who are prepared to help you get through the holidays ... and also to assist you throughout the year with virtually any issue or problem which can affect your work performance or personal health. Some of the most common concerns cover emotional, marital, family, alcohol or other drug abuse, job-related, or legal/financial problems.
“At varying times in each of our lives, we face personal problems,” said EAP Consultant Polly Zaldivar. “Some of our problems are more easily resolved than others, but many best can be solved with professional assistance. Help is just a phone call away.”
EAP is free, confidential, voluntary, and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1-800-EAP4YOU (1-800-327-4968)
TTY hotline at 1-877-492-7341
For more information, visit the EAP website at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rick Avery: 35 Years ... and Counting!

Thirty-five short years ago, Labor Relations Representative Rick Avery (center) began his postal career in Denver, Colorado. He transferred to South Florida in 1984. Today Human Resources Manager Jann Miller (left) and Labor Relations Manager Steve Murray (right) recognized Rick's ongoing dedication and commitment to the Postal Service. Rick received a crystal award and letter of appreciation to commemorate his 35 years of service. Congrats, Rick! Photo: Ann Mankowski-Strickland

'Give a Day, Get a Disney Day'

Disney is offering a free admission ticket to the first one million people who volunteer for a day.

The "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program will provide qualified volunteers with a one-day ticket to any park at Disney World or Disneyland. Slated to launch on January 1, 2010, the program will run until all tickets are accounted for or until December 15, 2010, whichever comes first.

To be eligible for a free ticket, a volunteer must:

-- Register online with Disney
-- Be at least 18 years or older
-- Be a resident of the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico
-- Perform volunteer work in 2010

It's one ticket per person, regardless of the number or hours of volunteer service completed. Up to a maximum of 8 additional members of your same household may register. Volunteer work done by children ages 6-17 qualifies for a free ticket as long as kids are accompanied by an adult or guardian when volunteering.

Tickets must be redeemed by December 15, 2010.

Volunteer opportunities are coordinated through the HandsOn Network. For more information and to sign up for E-Mail updates, go to Volunteer assignments are within your community, not at a Disney theme park.

The "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program will replace Disney’s free admission on your birthday program, which granted a free ticket for any guest who visited the theme park on their birthday. That campaign is slated to end on December 31, 2009.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Your CFC Contribution Will Make a Difference

“The Compassion of Individuals, the Power of Community.”

That’s the theme of the nation’s largest workplace fundraising campaign — the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) — now underway in South Florida and across the country. CFC key workers are soliciting donations and will be visiting your work location in the coming weeks.

There are more than 4,000 approved charities eligible to receive your donation --- organizations that provide human services, health care, medical research, disaster relief, housing, youth development, and much more. Locally, the benefits of the CFC charities come back to each one of us in the form of such things as a cleaner environment, a safer neighborhood, and a better education for our children.

How much you give and whether you wish to designate your support to a specific charity is your decision. Most employees elect to pledge an amount to be withheld regularly from their paycheck while others give a one-time gift during the CFC.

Remember, by supporting this year’s campaign, you are helping those who need it most. Your CFC contribution will make a difference!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Are You at Risk for Developing Breast Cancer?

Does drinking coffee increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer? How about pesticides, lawn chemicals, and dry cleaning services? Is your antiperspirant/deodorant combination a leading cause of breast cancer?

In support of “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” West Palm Beach City Postmaster Maribeth A. Norman is hosting a free seminar, “Bring Your Lunch and Learn the Myths or Facts of Breast Cancer,” on Monday, Oct. 19, from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. This event will take place on the third floor of the West Palm Beach Public Library Auditorium at 411 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

Bring a brown bag lunch and listen to the testimonials of breast cancer survivors and a presentation by Sandra Blank, Executive Director, Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network.

(Employees are reminded that this is an off-the-clock activity.)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OceanView Carriers Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Oceanview Letter Carriers took a well-deserved break from providing outstanding service to their Miami Beach customers to celebrate "National Hispanic Heritage Month." Faye Anastasia, Manager, Customer Service, encouraged her employees to recognize and celebrate the contributions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Employees shared family recipes and enjoyed several popular Hispanic food dishes.
(Top) Letter Carriers Ernest Ellie (L) and Jacqueline Austen (R)
(Center) Letter Carriers Wanda Marrerocastillo, Alberto Baez, and Yolemmy Protzman
(Bottom) Letter Carriers Acy McCoy and Donna Murciano
Photo Credit: Faye Anastasia

(Special thanks to Faye Anastasia for sharing her celebration and photos with the blog.)

BSN Thanks Miami's Connie Edwards for her Partnership and Commitment

The South Florida District Business Service Network is proud to announce its Quarter 4, FY 09 outstanding Customer Support Team Member ...

Congratulations to Connie D. Edwards, Mail Processing Clerk at the Miami P&DC!

Connie has 36 years of service and is responsible for the processing of Business Reply Mail, Merchandise Return Service, and Postage Due for Caller Service and Post Office Box customers at the Miami P&DC.

Connie has been instrumental in assisting the BSN in successfully presenting business customers with positive resolutions leading to high levels of customer satisfaction ratings.

Who will be named CSTM for Quarter 1, FY 10? It could be you if you work directly with the BSN Staff to provide quality customer service and obtain resolution to service-related issues.

Congratulations, Connie --- you make us all proud!

(Special thanks to Lillian Castro, Manager, Business Service Network, for sharing this news with the blog.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fort Lauderdale 'Breast Cancer Awareness Day'

Michelle Smith of University Hospital (L) and Sandra Blank, Executive Director, Florida Breast Cancer Resource Center (R), were pleased with the turnout. Twenty-three women took advantage of free bone density screenings and 50 women visited the informational table to learn about breast cancer prevention and early detection. Retail associates sold Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps with 11 cents of each stamp going to breast cancer research. Close to $200 worth of stamps were sold at the event.

Fort Lauderdale Postmaster Mike Fortunato (right) and Manager, Customer Service Angela Randle (left), thanked Sandra Blank, Executive Director, Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network (center), for participating in their "Breast Cancer Awareness Day" event in the lobby of the Fort Lauderdale Main Office.

Angela Randle, Manager, Customer Service, Fort Lauderdale Main Office, shared her personal story as a breast cancer survivor with community members attending "Breast Cancer Awareness Day."
"Although you may be in the midst of a fight with this dreadful disease --- Stay strong, stay encouraged --- For each day is a testimony of your strength and your survival. Remember as others have survived, you will survive, as I am a breast cancer survivor!" she said.

(Special thanks to Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Tashia Romano-Kravitz for covering and photographing this event.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

'The Myths or Facts of Breast Cancer': Learn the Truth at WPB Seminar on Oct 19

On behalf of the U.S. Postal Service, West Palm Beach City Postmaster Maribeth A. Norman invites the community to help "stamp out" breast cancer on Monday, October 19.

"Bring Your Lunch and Learn the Myths or Facts of Breast Cancer" is a FREE seminar planned on the third floor of the Place West Palm Beach Public Library at 411 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

The opening session is at 11:00 am. Listen to testimonials from breast cancer survivors from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm. Sandy Blank, Executive Director of the Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network for Breast Cancer, will present "The Myths or Facts of Breast Cancer" and field questions from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

The Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamp will be available at the event. The 55-cent cost covers the one-ounce First-Class postage rate of 44 cents. The additional 11 cents goes to breast cancer research.

So pack your brown bag lunch, learn the key to early detection, and purchase your Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps on Monday, October 19.

Please note that this is an off-the-clock activity for postal employees.

(Story by Jo Ann Goodrich, West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator)

C-SPAN to Air Supreme Court Justices Stamp Ceremony Oct 10

C-SPAN will air the U.S. Postal Service's First-Day-Of-Issue ceremony for the Supreme Court Justices stamps at 7 pm tonight, Saturday, October 10. "America and the Courts" will air the ceremony in the second half of the program around 7:20 pm. After the program, you'll be able to watch it online on the website for "America and the Courts."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Research

At 10:30 am on Wednesday, October 14, Fort Lauderdale Manager, Customer Service Angela Randle will dedicate the Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamp in the Main Office lobby, 1900 W Oakland Park Blvd.

In support of "Breast Cancer Awareness Day," the public is invited to learn more about breast cancer prevention and detection from health professionals in the Fort Lauderdale Main Office lobby from 9 am to 1 pm. Free bone density testing will be conducted onsite.

Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps also will be available at the retail counter. Forty-four of the 55 cents for each semi-postal stamp pays the single, one-ounce First-Class postage rate. The remaining 11 cents goes to breast cancer research. Since this first semi-postal stamp was issued in 1998, nationwide customers have raised $67.6 million for breast cancer research.

You also can support breast cancer research by participating in the "Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure" in downtown Miami on Saturday, October 17. There's still time to register. For more information, contact Damaris Agrait at 305-470-0881 or Marguerite Goulet at 954-436-4422.

(Both events are off-the-clock activities for postal employees.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flamingos, Alligators and Bobcats --- Oh My!

Flamingo Gardens is inviting residents in several Broward cities to spend the day with flamingos, alligators, and bobcats. Guests also may visit the free-flight aviary ... tour the historic Wray Home Museum ... and watch a wildlife encounter show --- all for FREE!

It's "Resident Appreciation Day!" Just show a valid ID for free admission on your designated day (see below)!

Sunday, October 4 - Cooper City and Davie residents
Sunday, October 11 - Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Sunrise, and Weston residents
Sunday, October 25 - Miramar and Pembroke Pines residents

Flamingo Gardens is located at 3750 S Flamingo Road in Davie. Hours of Operation: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. For more information, call 954-473-2955 or visit

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trash Talk Turns Into $40,000 Savings!

Contract Technician Lisa Albu didn't "waste" any time reducing costs at the WPB P&DC.

Who would think that trash talk could lead to a $40,000 savings for the West Palm Beach P&DC?

Contract Technician Lisa Albu was thinking about how she could help reduce postal costs in these challenging economic times. Just then the phone rang! It was Brad Berggren of the Southeast Area Office inquiring about the 2009 invoice for Solid Waste Authority. Lisa invited Southeast Area Environmental Specialist Carroll Burgess to join in the discussion. This "cost-conscious trio" talked about the current trash situation and brainstormed an idea to reduce the exorbitant cost being paid to Solid Waste Authority. Lisa also enlisted the support of Kenneth Goodrich, Manager of Maintenance, who committed to assist in her cost-reducing efforts.
Our story continues with Lisa monitoring waste volume in the 30-yard compactor. She quickly realized that the compactor was not full during each scheduled automatic pick up. She also noticed that some of the waste material could be recycled. Lisa researched the calculation formula that the Solid Waste Authority uses to determine assessment costs and came to the conclusion that switching the 30-yard compactor to an eight-yard dumpster significantly would reduce costs.

The larger compactor was emptied twice a week with assessment calculated on it being full even when it was not. The new dumpster is full when picked up five days a week. The anticipated savings in 2010 will be over $40,000!

“There seems to always be room to enhance our waste and recycling. We do a lot now, however, I would love to see us all maximize our recycling potential to keep costs at a minimum and increase revenue,” Lisa said.
(Thanks to WPB CRC JoAnn Goodrich for submitting story and photo.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alert Margate Carrier Prevents Home Invasion

Margate customers Bruce and Juli Van Der Meulen adopted a personal policy of ensuring that individuals who go above and beyond get the recognition they deserve. Recently, they wrote a letter to James Lafaman, Margate Manager, Customer Services, to commend Letter Carrier Christine LaFleur for her role in preventing a home invasion.

Here’s how the story unfolded …

Mr. Van Der Meulen was in the kitchen when LaFleur rang the doorbell.

“I think some guys are breaking into your neighbor’s house,” LaFleur said. “Call the police.”

Van Der Meulen grabbed his portable phone and walked outside with LaFleur to peek around the corner. Two individuals with backpacks quickly realized that they were being watched and fled the scene on foot. LaFleur remained with her postal vehicle to safeguard the mail. Van Der Meulen called the police, then grabbed his bike and followed the two guys at a distance. He phoned information to another neighbor and the police.

Margate police arrived to apprehend the two individuals and conduct an investigation. It turns out the neighbors were out of town visiting relatives and would not have realized their home had been burglarized until returning from their trip.

“Christine is our hero,” said Van Der Meulen. “She really saved the day!”

Lafaman, along with Pompano Beach Officer-In-Charge James Heneghan, presented LaFleur with a Certificate of Appreciation in front of her peers.

It's National PCC Day in West Palm Beach

Industry Co-Chair James Rich of Automated Direct Mail (L) and Postal Co-Chair/West Palm Beach City Postmaster Maribeth A. Norman (R) welcomed customers to the National PCC Day event sponsored by the PCC of the Palm Beaches.
USPS Business Solutions Specialist Sharon Squadrito presented the "Direct Mail in a Down Economy" Workshop-in-a-Box. She spoke of the benefits of creating Direct Mail designs to advertise products and services.
Maribeth A. Norman and James Rich, Co-Chairs of the PCC of the Palm Beaches, were pleased with the National PCC Day turnout. They also appreciated mailing industry representatives and postal officials who shared their expertise with participants.
Rufus Graham, Plant Manager, West Palm Beach P&DC, shared his vast knowledge of postal operations during a tour of his facility. Jeffery Yaniga of Pitney Bowes gave an informative "Greening the Mail" presentation. USPS Shipping Solutions Specialist Andy Adler delivered an excellent Workshop-in-a-Box presentation on Packaging Services. USPS Business Solutions Specialist Janice Zynko shared her expertise in mailpiece design and mailing requirements.
Salvatore Vacca, MPOO 334/349, and Boca Raton Postmaster David Kolp mingled with customers and expressed their appreciation for their business.
Story and Photos by JoAnn Goodrich, West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator. JoAnn also serves on the PCC Executive Board.