Friday, July 7, 2017

Statistical Programs: These Numbers Add Up for Clerks' Career Milestones

From left, Statistical Programs Clerks Gary Seames, Victor Iglesias, and Fidel Pino; and Supervisor Brett Berman.

On June 19, the Statistical Programs Department held its Quarter 3 training and also celebrated the career milestones of three clerks --- Victor Iglesias with 30 years and Fidel Pino and Gary Seames, each with 25 years.

“I was working in the Virginia area and had heard that the Post Office was a good place to work, so I applied,” said Iglesias. “I had not heard anything and being young, I moved around a bit.  Three years and three moves later, I final had gotten a response from the Post Office. There were three yellow stickers on the front to the envelope.  I knew that the job was for me because the letter followed me.  Later I transfer to the Miami area.  And now after 30-plus years, I am looking forward to retiring within the next few years, possibly sooner.

“I was not interested in postal employment, but my godmother insisted that I apply, so I did,” said Pino. “At this time, I have no plans to retire. I will keep going for as long as possible.”

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