Thursday, July 27, 2017

'Tag, You're It!' at Lauderridge Annex

"Team Lauderridge” in Fort Lauderdale is all about safety. From left, Lauderridge Annex A/Supervisor, Customer Services Robert Baker; Supervisor, Customer Services Carlos Rodriguez; and A/Manager, Customer Services Jordan Beabout.

"Tag, you're it!" at the Lauderridge Annex in Fort Lauderdale.

Playing tag may be a childhood game that has no team, scores or equipment. But at the Lauderridge Annex, "tag" has another meaning and is no laughing matter. But just like the game, if you (or in this case, postal equipment) is tagged, you are out!

Defective or Damaged Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) are hazardous and must not be used until they have been repaired and are judged to be in safe operation condition. This safety trio reminds employees that all unsafe or unserviceable equipment should be identified with a PS Form 4707, “Out of Order” tag on the equipment. 

During a recent Safety Talk, A/Manager, Customer Services Jordan shared that defects, including broken latches, missing critical parts (i.e. latches or fasteners) may cause the container to be unsafe, and therefore, the equipment needed to be taken out of circulation until repaired. 

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone in the facility plays a part,” said Supervisor, Customer Services Carlos Rodriguez. 

Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

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