Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Up is "Watts" Down at Miami Plant

The South Florida District Green Team will be honored at this year's National Executive Conference when PMG Jack Potter presents Miami Plant Manager Enrique Suarez with the "2010 PMG Sustainability Excellence Award."

The Green Team includes Project Leader Robert Balzan, along with teammates Mike Adams, Albeo Rosado, Jose Jimenez (and the late Jim Burney). The team recognizes Maintenance Manager Rick Amezquita for his ongoing support.

If you ask the team "What's up?" they quickly respond "'Watts' down!" Why?

Thanks to the team, the Miami Plant reduced its electric bill by over $450,000 (that's more than 6 million kilowatt hours) in FY 09. Energy consumption was further reduced when the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (better known as HVAC) equipment was programmed to turn on and off via a central system computer.

The 6 million kilowatt hours translate into a carbon footprint reduction of 3,810 tons! "Watt?!?!?!"

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