Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pew Poll: They Like Us, They Like Us!

As we head into our busiest time of year, millions of packages, cards and letters will be entrusted to the Postal Service. We’ve built a legacy of trust over the last 240 years, and now our customers have spoken. Eighty-four percent of Americans view the Postal Service favorably, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. In fact, more Americans have a favorable view of the Postal Service than any other government agency.

The Postal Service was ranked highest of 17 federal agencies. Rounding out the top five: the National Parks Service (viewed favorably by 75 percent), the Centers for Disease Control (71 percent), NASA (70 percent) and the FBI (68 percent).

The findings, released November 23, are based on interviews with 6,000 individuals who represent a sampling of the nation. These results align with similar surveys, including a Gallup poll in May that found that the public is overwhelmingly satisfied with mail delivery, ranking it higher than any other government service. 

Pew’s findings on the Postal Service are part of a broader poll on the public’s trust in government.

Remember, “This Is Our Season,” the time we shine by doing what we do best --- serving our customers every day. Be on time, do your job safely, and do your job well. Be sure to sort properly, be courteous with customers, scan with integrity, and deliver with care, so we can preserve and protect the trust of the American public.

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