Thursday, November 7, 2019

New FY Brings New Safety Initiatives

Under the leadership of Safety Manager Fred Deno, the District Safety Office has kicked off the new fiscal year with initiatives to improve the work environment and reduce the number of accidents.

One example is the installation of mirror check stations at each delivery unit in West Palm Beach where Postmaster Ernie Onody, Maintenance Manager Carl Powell, and Safety Specialist Tiffany Chestnut-Moss are the driving force.

“When you think about it, mirrors help in various ways when you’re driving.  Mirrors aid you when you’re changing lanes, making turns, or backing up,” said Chestnut-Moss. “Properly aligned mirrors are very important in maintaining safety on our streets.”

At the Hallandale Post Office, Chestnut-Moss surveyed the vehicle parking lot and workroom floor to ensure that letter carriers had Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before departing on their routes. Letter Carriers appreciated her distribution of dog spray repellent and cooling towels.

“Snapping a cool towel on your route can help a carrier chill as South Florida experiences year-round heat and humidity,” Chestnut-Moss said.

In October, the District Safety Team also conducted Emergency Evacuation Team training at several locations. Training continues this month.

West Palm Beach Driver Safety Instructor (DSI) Frankie Rodriguez (bending near vehicle) demonstrated how to use the mirror station to increase driver safety and awareness. 
District Safety Specialist Tiffany Chestnut-Moss
Hallandale Post Office Letter Carrier Nick Francois (above) thanked Safety Specialist Tiffany Chestnut-Moss (not pictured) for his cooling towel, which will be put to good use in South Florida’s year-round climate.
Hallandale Post Office Letter Carrier Juliet Whilby (above) smiled upon receipt of her cooling towel.
Photos: Tiffany Chestnut-Moss

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