Monday, June 18, 2012

School PO Rates 'E' for Everyone!

By Ann Marie Tighe, A/Customer Relations Coordinator, MPOO 334/349

Fort Pierce Post Office was invited to participate in the year end activities at Garden City Elementary.  Approximately 375 students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Second Grade are registered at this school.   Supervisor, Customer Services Kristopher Novy volunteered for this assignment. 

To make it more interesting, it was decided to really show the students some of the daily tasks performed by postal employees.  A makeshift Post Office was set up allowing the students a “hands on” experience. 

We began by tasking teachers with instructing students on the proper techniques of sending a postcard.  Each student received their own postcard to decorate and mail to themselves or another student.   This mail was going to the Garden City Post Office on June 6th.  We used the room number as the house number and the teacher’s last name for the street name and randomly added Avenue, Street and Lane to each.  The city, state and ZIP Code showed the physical location of the school, Fort Pierce, FL 34950.

SCS Kris Novy described the different jobs available at the Post Office with the “new employees.”  Since it was for “Career Day,” he stressed requirements needed to apply for a job; ability to read and write; a high school diploma; safe driving skills; and staying out of trouble.  After his presentation, each student received a penny to purchase the stamp for their postcard.  (What a bargain!)

Garden City Post Office was now open! The customers (students) lined up at the counter to purchase their 1¢ stamp and placed it on their postcard.  Retail Associates (students) used some old round daters to cancel the stamp. A mini collection box was placed to receive their outgoing mail.  The assigned letter carrier (student named by teacher) collected the mail and brought it to the Post Office for processing.
Mail Processing clerks (students) received and then sorted the mail to the address.   

After a rough day at work, it was time to sit, relax and watch a short film. Today’s movie is “The Adventures of Letter.” A television news reporter from Maine, along with his letter, is being mailed to his mother in California.  The movie (and the Garden City Post Office) were rated “E” for everyone!

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