Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Excellence in Safety'

To recognize outstanding commitment to safety by our employees, the Southern Area Safety office has initiated the “Excellence in Safety” Awards Program.  

Recently Miami Officer-In-Charge Enrique (Rick) Suarez personally presented the award to two of his outstanding employees.
The first recipient honored was John Fehl, a Sales and Service Associate at Sunset Branch.  Fehl has been with the Postal Service for 29 years with no previous accidents.  In addition to his regular duties, he is the Safety Captain as well as the Communication Ambassador.  “The word ‘No’ is not in his vocabulary; he sets the example for others to follow,” said Dan Lopez, Manager, Customer Service.  
Along with Fehl’s co-workers, management staff participating in the recognition included; Dan Lopez, Manager, Customer Service; Manny Molina, A/Manager, Customer Service Operations; and Gale Williams, A/Miami PEG Coordinator.   
Gratigny Letter Carrier Marisel Collazo was the second recipient honored.   She also joined the Postal Service 29 years ago and has had no prior accidents.  She is the on-the-job instructor who provides quality training to current carriers and new hires.  “Carrier Collazo performs her duties professionally, always going above and beyond to help other carriers and customers.  She is an asset to the Postal Service,” said Raul Mayor, Manager, Customer Service.  
Her attention to all safety precautions while delivering mail curb side, demonstrating proper vehicle operations, use of seatbelt at all time, setting handbrakes, driving with LLV door closed and coming to a complete stops at all intersections are just a few of the driver observations that led to recognition.
Collazo’s co-workers, along with Ernesto Cintado, Manager, Customer Service Operations; Gail Davis, District Safety Specialist; Raul Mayor, Manager, Customer Service; and Gale Williams, A/Miami PEG Coordinator, attended the recognition. 


Chuck Winkelholz is an outstanding employee with an impressive safety record, according to Raymond P. Belanger, Supervisor, Vehicle Maintenance, Fort Lauderdale.  His duties as an Automotive Technician involve providing vehicle repair services to numerous stations and branches in the Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood/Pembroke Pines area.  He performs these tasks during hours of minimal sunlight, in inclement weather, and under severe conditions, including performing roadside repairs under heavy traffic conditions.

His willingness to “go the extra mile” to safely repair inoperable vehicles frequently means the difference between a vehicle having to be towed to the Vehicle Maintenance Facility for repairs (and being out of service for that day or longer), and the vehicle being repaired and back in service the same day as being reported. 

As his immediate supervisor for more than 17 years, Belanger attests that his employee has had no at fault accidents either vehicle or industrial, although he drives approximately 90 miles daily, in traffic, and repairs vehicles in less than an ideal environment. 

“His outstanding safety record is even more impressive taking into account the type of work he performs and the conditions under which he perform,” said Belanger.  “He is an extremely safety-conscious employee who is an excellent role model for all employees.”


City Place Letter Carrier Frankie Rodriguez is an on-the-job instructor who understands the challenges of delivering mail on foot and with the threat of loose dogs on the route.  Valerie Carbone, Manager, Customer Service, reports that Rodriguez is a very safety-conscious individual who maintains the security of the mail and his vehicle.  During safety observations, she has observed her carrier curbing the vehicle’s wheels to avoid rollaway accidents.  Rodriguez began his postal career 12 years ago. 

Letter Carrier John J. Booth is a 27-year postal veteran, also being recognized for practicing good safety habits at City Place Station.  He has volunteered to serve on the District Safety Program and always shares his safe practices to help other carriers remain safe. 

Carlos Rodriguez has served as Safety Captain for many of his 33 years of postal service.  Rodriguez is being recognized for his attention to ensuring vehicles are in proper operating condition.  In addition, he is always happy to assist another carrier with the driver checklist.  He emphasizes the importance of curbing your wheels to co-workers and calls attention to any safety violation and ensures immediate correction.  Rodriguez works at City Place Station.

Amalia Diaz-Beverly is the on-the-job instructor for newly-hired letter carriers at City Place Station.  She is an excellent role model who stresses the importance of performing your duties in a safe manner to all letter carriers.  Diaz-Beverly joined the U.S. Postal Service 28 years ago.

Letter Carrier Warrick Roundtree of City Place Station in West Palm Beach trains new letter carriers, ensuring that they understand and observe safe practices.  Completing the vehicle checklist is part of his daily morning routine.  Roundtree has been in the Postal Service for 37 years.

Riviera Beach Clerk Bernice Branch is a 26-year employee who consistently works in a safe manner and serves as a role model to others.  According to Pablo Estupinan, Manager, Customer Service, Riviera Beach Post Office, Branch is an excellent employee who has never incurred an accident.

Letter Carrier Jim De Benedictis is a 26-year postal employee.  He consistently works in a safe manner and emphasizes safe work habits to others at the Riviera Beach Post Office.  Sady Marquez joined the Postal Service six years ago and consistently works in a safe manner.  She has an accident-free safety record.  Kathleen Vitone-Washeck also has maintained an accident-free record.  She has been a postal employee for nine years and works at the Riviera Beach Post Office.

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