Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How's YOUR Driving? Miami and West Palm Beach Seek Ad-Hoc Instructors

Have you ever thought to yourself that you would make a great teacher? Are you looking to broaden your postal horizons? Consider an ad-hoc position as a Driving Safety Instructor/Examiner, PS -7. The Safety Department has 5 ad-hoc positions in the Miami area and 5 ad-hoc positions in the West Palm Beach area.

Positions are open to all qualified career employees within a 50-mile commuting distance of each area and who meet the qualifications of the posting. Best qualified applicants, regardless of craft, will be selected. Mail your application to Charisse Nadal, Manager, Safety, USPS, 2200 NW 72 Ave, RM 214, Miami, FL 33152, no later than Friday, March 18, 2016.

Successful applicants will perform their assigned duties at locations specified in the vacancy announcements posted on your employee bulletin board. Reporting hours and non-scheduled days will be flexible, and selected employee(s) will not receive out of schedule premiums while serving in these ad-hoc assignments.These positions are on an “as needed” basis; when not performing DSI/Examiner duties, you will return to your current position.

Ad-hoc Driving Safety Instructors/Examiners will conduct basic road tests, vehicle familiarization, vehicle operator training, driver instructor training and certification, driver improvement and refresher training, and coach and observe driving practices. They also will provide classroom training related to the safe operation of motor vehicles and powered industrial equipment. In addition, ad-hoc positions will require the demonstration of basic computer skills which include, but are not limited to, Windows, Word, and Excel.  Applicants must demonstrate the following:

1.  Ability to work without immediate supervision.
2.   Ability to maintain records and prepare reports.
3.   Ability to provide, on an individual and group basis, both to newly-assigned and current drivers, effective instructions on the safe and proper operation of the various types of motor vehicle equipment used at the local facilities within the assigned offices.
4.   Ability to teach effectively the classroom instruction course given to newly-assigned motor vehicle operators.
5.  Ability to give driving tests to newly-assigned drivers to determine whether driving privileges should be granted to operate government-owned and leased motor vehicles.
6.  Ability to drive safely. Applicants must know and observe safe driving laws and regulations. Applicants must have three years of USPS driving experience. 
7.   Ability to maintain effective working relations with other employees under varying circumstances.
8.   Ability to evaluate driver training needs and to plan and schedule driver training activities to meet these needs.
9.  Ability to understand and comply with written instructions and to give understandable information in written or  verbal form.
10.Be safety conscious and support safety programs.

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