Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Communicating in an Emergency: 1-888-363-7462

Although Tropical Storm Emily will not have a direct impact on South Florida, now is a good opportunity to ensure that you have important information to stay connected with the Postal Service, should tropical weather impact South Florida during hurricane season.  

The National Employee Emergency Hotline (1-888-EMERGNC or 1-888-363-7462) is the official source of information for weather issues, work schedule changes, and facility status. For easy access, enter this phone number into your cell phone directory.

When calling the National Employee Emergency Hotline, remember to enter the first three digits of the ZIP Code of your workplace location. Also, if you evacuate and relocate due to an emergency, call the hotline number, and then press “5” after entering your facility ZIP Code. You will be routed to an individual who can take your information and relay it to District and Area leadership whose priorities are your safety and well-being.

If you use Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), call a Florida TRS toll-free number, and the TRS operator will interact with the hotline application on your behalf. Through the use of highly-trained operators, calls can be made 24/7, 365 days a year allowing Florida residents who are in need of services to connect and communicate with anyone at any time. The simplest way to access the variety of Florida Relay services available is to dial 7-1-1.  If the phone from which you are calling does not accept 7-1-1 calls, TRS has a list of dedicated toll-free numbers for each call-type that you can utilize:

If you are using TTY equipment
If you are a standard (voice) user, and connect with a Relay user
If you are utilizing a computer
Voice Carry Over (VCO)
If you prefer to speak directly to hearing person. The Relay Operator listens to speaking person and types what is said to your TTY/VCO phone.
Speech to Speech (STS)
If you have a speech disability and prefer that a Relay Operator serve as your voice and repeat your responses to the called party

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