Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weston Employees Recognized

Front Row, L to R: Weston Branch Supervisor, Customer Services Brenda Bannister; Letter Carriers Diane Windle, Linda Varie and Walter Gordillo. Back Row, L to R: Letter Carrier Ronald Vecchio and Manager, Customer Services Duane Hunt. Photo: Amy McCall

Weston Branch employees were recognized for their outstanding performance by Manager, Customer Services Duane Hunt and Supervisor, Customer Services Brenda Bannister. To qualify for this monetary award, the employees had to have perfect attendance for the past year and no preventable accidents for the past five years. Each employee received a gift certificate for their outstanding service.

Letter Carriers Walter (Mike) Gordillo, Linda Varie, Ronald Vecchio and Diane Windle are employees who come to work every day and strive to give their customers the best service possible, according to Bannister.

“I am so happy to recognize employees who have contributed to the success of our organization and show them how much I appreciate their hard work,” said Hunt. 

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