Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Postmaster Delivers Street Management Training

Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney (standing, far left) conducted street management training at the District Office. Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman

Recently, Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney conducted training on street management, a natural extension of office management.

Street management includes observing vehicle movement on park and loop routes, proper use of relays, following the prescribed line of travel, and protecting the mail. The manager may find routes are not in proper adjustment, and the frequent use or requests for auxiliary assistance or overtime is warranted; or a change in the line of travel could reduce travel to and from the route, deadheading on the route, or time-wasting delivery patterns.

While conducting street observation, the manager notes areas of new construction, plan for expansion, and be aware of urban renewal areas,  changing traffic patterns, the need to relocate collection boxes, customer problems of delivery, etc.

During street supervision, every opportunity is taken to emphasize safety while driving, walking on sidewalks, walking up and down steps, crossing streets, collecting mail, or delivering relays.

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