Sunday, March 26, 2017

Informed Delivery® in South Florida

The Postal Service is doing something new - and digital - with mail, and employees are invited to give it a try and help spread the word.
What Is It?   

Informed Delivery® is an optional and free feature that lets residential consumers see a daily preview of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces that will be arriving soon. Informed Delivery has been piloted for several years and is now expanding nationwide, with our service area as part of the initial expansion.

How Does It Work?

We use existing processes to gather digital images of the exterior of letter-sized mailpieces as they are processed through automation equipment. Consumers that sign up for Informed Delivery receive an email notification, which includes these images, to see what will be arriving in their physical mailbox soon. Utilizing their online dashboard, users can also view mailpiece images for their household for the past seven delivery days.

Who Can Sign Up?

The expansion is being rolled out in phases. You can find out if Informed Delivery is available in your ZIP Code™ by using the ZIP Code lookup feature on If your ZIP Code is active, click “Sign Up” and follow the prompts to see if your individual delivery address is eligible for Informed Delivery. Sign up is voluntary and must be completed off the clock. As with My USPS®, an identity verification process is required.

What Can I Do To Help?  

Employees can help spread the word about Informed Delivery. The feature will soon be marketed to consumers in our ZIP Code areas. As consumers learn about the feature, you may receive questions.  Some materials – such as brochures and pocket pads – will soon be provided to offices.  All employees can help educate consumers, and one recommendation is to direct consumers to the Informed Delivery website (above), which has an extensive list of FAQs.

“Informed Delivery is one of the most exciting innovations the Postal Service offers.  I encourage all employees to sign up, give it a try, and then tell family, friends, and customers about it,” said District Manager Jeffery Taylor. “With this feature, we continue our effort to make every customer experience a positive one.”

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