Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Customer Appreciation in Boca Raton

Boca Raton Palmetto Park Station Letter Carrier Maureen Robinson (left) and Manager, Customer Services Angelo Rosado (right) posed for this photo opportunity. Supervisor, Customer Services Margie Tomassini was not available, but all three employees appreciated being recognized for "above and beyond" service.

District Manager Timothy Costello was pleased to receive a letter praising members of the South Florida Postal Family. A satisfied customer wrote the following: 

I wish to commend the staff of 33486 for their excellent customer service. Last week, I stopped in to the store and spoke with Mr. Angelo Rosado about a concern: an important Registered package had just been mailed to me from Italy, but the sender addressed it incorrectly.
Angelo took my information. He called me back one or two times in the next few days, informing me of the status of the package through U.S. Customs, assuring me that they would do everything possible to avoid returning it to the sender. When the package arrived in South Florida yesterday, Margie from 33486 followed its progress and texted me several times with whatever information USPS had. Turns out, the package was already out for delivery so unfortunately I was not at home to sign. But as soon as I received the delivery failure notification, I contacted Margie and she in turn contacted my carrier, Maureen. Maureen looped back to my house so I could meet her and sign for the delivery the same afternoon.

The important package is now in my hands, thanks to Angelo, Margie, and Maureen who provided “above and beyond” service. Thank you all!

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