Friday, May 10, 2019

Defensive Driving Prevents Accidents

Pictured from left, West Palm Beach Ad-Hoc DSIs William Mounts and Frankie Rodriguez; DSI James Timmerman; and Ad-Hoc DSI Colleen Havican are #PostalProud. Photo: West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator Gayle Jones

Florida drivers are among the most dangerous menaces on the road, ranking second-worst in the nation for being distracted while behind the wheel, according to a study of driving habits.

Navigating South Florida roadways can be challenging.

But South Florida postal employees new to the organization know that safety is no accident. West Palm Beach Driving Safety Instructors (DSIs) provide them with defensive driving techniques to improve their road skills. Training focuses on reducing driving risks by anticipating situations and making safe, well-informed decisions.

Thanks to the West Palm Beach Training Team: DSI James Timmerman and Ad-Hoc DSIs Colleen Havican, William Mounts, and Frankie Rodriguez.

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