Monday, May 20, 2019

In Pompano, 'Safety Depends on US!'

Whether you’re in a craft or a management position, or whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned veteran, all employees under the Pompano umbrella are on the same mission.

Working together as a team, under the leadership of Pompano Postmaster Michael Vecchitto, employees are determined to improve the overall safety record at the Atlantic Branch, Coconut Creek Branch, Coral Springs Branch, Lighthouse Point Finance Unit, Margate Branch, Pompano Main Office, and Tropical Reef Station. Vecchitto has detailed Pompano Letter Carrier Ruth Dombroski to help him promote a positive safety culture in each unit. He also relies on his management team, safety ambassadors, and employees in every craft and management position.

At each location, a “Safety Wall” demonstrates employees’ renewed commitment to fostering a safe work environment. Walls highlight “What Safety Means to Me!” employee quotes and photos, along with safety-related resources ranging from “Safety Depends on Me!” talks to dog bite prevention tips to security messaging. Employees choose safety items to post.

What are our employees saying about safety?

“Safety means to go home in one piece with no accidents,” said Tropical Reef Station City Carrier Assistant Sara Portilla with three years of postal service.

“Recognizing and labeling heavy parcels as we accept them,” said Pompano Main Office Sales and Services Associate Adriana Ribero, who has 22 years of service.
“Paying attention to the road signs and obeying all of the laws,” said Tropical Reef Station City Carrier Assistant Joshua Brown, who has nine months of service.

“Wearing my seatbelt at all times,” said Coral Springs Branch Letter Carrier Wade Meier, who has been delivering mail for 15 years.

“Not using earplugs while delivering the mail,” said Coral Springs Branch Letter Carrier Terri Paulson with 26 years of postal service.

“Taking precautions in everything you do, especially handling packages of any kind. Safety is paramount, not only in the Postal Service, but in everyday lives,” said Pompano Main Office Distribution Clerk Melanie Williams.

“My safety depends on these Dog Warning Cards,” said Pompano Main Office City Carrier Assistant Brent Bryan with four months of service.

"Safety means that all my carriers return back to the office the same way they left … safely,” said Tropical Reef Station Supervisor, Customer Services Sharon Times, a 21-year veteran.

"Doing everything I can to be safe so that at the end of the day, I can go home and be with my family, including four cats and a dog. They also want me there," said Pompano Main Office Letter Carrier Cynthia Taylor, who has 37 years of postal service. "Always be aware of your environment, and if you see something unsafe, say something."

And let's take a look at those Safety Walls ...

Pompano Main Office

 Coral Springs Branch
Coconut Creek Branch
Margate Branch
Pompano Main Office
Pompano Main Office
Margate Branch 
Coconut Creek Branch
Coconut Creek Branch
Atlantic Branch
Tropical Reef Station

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