Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Facts

¯  Busiest MAILING day for greeting cards and packages
      Monday, December 19 

¯  Busiest DELIVERY day for greeting cards and packages
      Thursday, December 22

¯  December 19 also will be the busiest day for usps.com with more than seven million customers predicted to visit on that day alone.

¯  The U.S. Postal Service is projecting about 16 billion total pieces of mail and packages will be delivered between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

¯  The U.S. Postal Service is projecting a 12% increase in package volume this holiday season — roughly 750 million packages (660 million in 2015).

¯  On an average day, the U.S. Postal Service processes 508 million pieces of mail. During the holiday season, that volume increases to 525 million pieces of mail each day (536 million in 2015).

¯  More than 611 million pieces of mail will be processed on December 19, the busiest mailing day.

¯  More than 30 million packages will be delivered on December 22, the busiest delivery day.

¯  More than five million packages are expected to be delivered each Sunday in December.

¯  More than three million customers will skip the trip to the Post Office this year and use Click-N-Ship to mail packages.

¯  More than 208,000 delivery vehicles will be used to deliver cheer this holiday season/15,000 new vehicles deployed.

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