Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Port St. Lucie MO Team Nears $28,000 in BCR Semi-Postal Stamp Sales

Congratulations to the Port St. Lucie Main Office team that sold $27,905.40 in Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. First Row, from left: Supervisor, Customer Services Jose Malespin; Supervisor, Customer Services Dianne Scott; Administrative Assistant Janet Cummings; and Sales and Services Distribution Associate Helen Corso. Second Row, from left: Sales and Services Distribution Associates Lauren Chase, Robert Marrero, and Mike Glendinning; Lead Sales and Services Associate Kirk Waronicki; and Sales and Services Distribution Associate Floyd Spanier. Photo: Kim Tucker

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Dr. Sharon Johnson said...

Congratulations Port St. Lucie team. Thanks for your level of engagement and make this significant stride in fighting Breast Cancer.