Sunday, November 27, 2016

SFL Leaders Reach for New Heights

South Florida leaders reach for new heights in training class.

Article & Photo by: Dr. Sharon Johnson, Employee Engagement Ambassador, Southern Area
The South Florida District EAS Leadership Development (ELD) team experienced the Live2Lead leadership conference via simulcast where they learned from four worldwide leadership experts. 
District Manager Jeffery Taylor and Human Resources Manager Jann Miller welcomed the leaders and spoke highly about taking leadership and the team to new heights. 
The focus of the training from the experts provided new perspectives from the world-class leadership experts, practical tools, and key takeaways.  The leaders gained insights on motivation and confidence necessary to lead the organization the next level. 
The training included principles from John Maxwell, world leadership expert identified practical principles that can be applied in one’s personal grow.  Simon Sinek, Optimist and Author in Leadership Authority helped the leaders understand how to create an ideal environment in which people can be their best. 
Liz Wiseman, Executive Advisor and Researcher taught the 5 key disciplines that turn smart leaders into genius makers,  Dan Cathy, President and CEO of Chick-fil-a shared how strong leadership and unwavering principles can create a recipe for tremendous reward in business. 
The day was full of learning and added value to the leadership.   

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