Friday, November 11, 2016

South Florida Veterans Recognition

Coconut Creek Branch veterans who gathered for recognition included, from left: Clerk Nevinson George (U.S. Army), Custodian Onofre Adorno-Colon (U.S. Army), Postal Support Employee Eric Duplissa (U.S. Army), Sales and Services Associate Donnell Tillman (U.S. Army), Pool Clerk Shaneka Brown (U.S. Navy), Rural Carrier Todd DeParis (U.S. Army), Rural Carrier Orlando Blanco (U.S. Army), Custodian Paul Pratt (U.S. Army), Supervisor, Customer Services Neil Ricketts (U.S. Army), and Manager, Customer Services Eddie Floyd (U.S. Army). Photo: Marjorie Williams
U.S. Army veterans who shared their military photos with co-workers were, from left: Supervisor Customer Services Neil Ricketts, Rural Carrier Orlando Blanco, Custodian Paul Pratt, Manager, Customer Services Eddie Floyd, and Postal Support Employee Eric Duplissa. Photo: Marjorie Williams
From left, West Palm Beach City Place Station A/Manager, Customer Services Steve Maiorino; Letter Carriers Julius Richardson and Rafael Nieves; City Carrier Assistant Tiffany Parker-Callwood; Clerk Norman Bonner; Letter Carriers Thomas Fitch, Kristin Rickard and Carlos Rodriguez; and Supervisor, Customer Services,Charles Kaupelis. Photo: West Palm Beach Customer Relations Coordinator Curlita Rogers-Saunders
From left, Haverhill veterans include Letter Carriers Vinny Chimato, Scott Dupes, Angel Soto, Theo Glover, Lathan Lall, Jose Melendez and Ezzard Moore. Photo: Suzette James
Palmetto Park Carrier Annex Manager, Customer Services Lori Cangemi (front, left) invited her father, U.S. Navy veteran Frank Cangemi (center), to join Letter Carriers Antonio Almeida (back, left) and Jose Diaz (right) at a veterans recognition program in Boca Raton. Almeida served in the U.S. Army, and Diaz, in the U.S. Navy. Photo: Lori Cangemi
Everglades Branch Manager, Customer Services Adrian Drummond (left) presented a Certificate of Appreciation for military service to Supervisor, Customer Services Atty Holder (right). Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman
Front Row, from left: Oceanview Station Custodian Robert Bruhnsen; Letter Carrier Carlos Solis; Lead Sales and Services Associate Celimar Lebron; Supervisor, Customer Services Valerie Spellman; Letter Carrier Roberto Figueroa; and City Carrier Assistant Adam Butler. Back Row: Letter Carrier Acy Mccoy. Photo: Eboni Mckenzie
Maintenance Operations Support Clerks Carolyn Jones (center) and Linda Patrick (right) enlist assistance from Building Equipment Mechanic Rocco Compitello (left) in posting photos on the veterans recognition board at the Miami General Mail Facility. Photo: Mike Adams
Miami Beach Main Office Supervisor, Customer Services Juan Dominguez (right) recognizes Manager, Customer Services Alvin Godwin (left) for his military service. Photo: Norma Vazquez
Miami Beach Main Office Manager, Customer Services Alvin Godwin (left) thanks  Letter Carrier Evelio Gonzalez (right) for his military service. Photo: Norma Vazquez 
West Palm Beach Downtown Office Manager, Customer Services Steve Maiorino (right) thanks Sales and Services Distribution Associate Richardson Baldwin (left) for his military service. Photo: Susie Brewster
Surfside Branch recognized and thanked its veterans, from left, A/Manager, Customer Services Jeanette Livingston, Letter Carriers Carlos Santos and Gladys Chavez, Sales and Services Associate Lourdes Aleman, and City Carrier Assistant Federico Morales. Photo: Roberto Pelayo
The South Florida District Office celebrated veterans on November 10. Pictured from left: NALC Regional Administrative Assistant Jeff Siciunas, Operations Support Specialist Angel Gual, Custodians Randy Burroughs and William "PJ" Douglas, Manager, Business Mail Entry Unit Joycelynn King, Labor Relations Specialist Alex Sanchez, Human Resources Dispute Resolution Team Members Tayloria McPhee-Johnson and Dyjak Williams; Human Resources Manager Jann Miller, and Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney. Photo: Carolina Wilson
Fort Lauderdale Manager, Customer Service Operations Gwen Branch (in purple) thanks Lauderridge Annex Letter Carrier Harvey Gross for his military service. Looking on left to right is Supervisor, Maintenance Operations Jeff Best, Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney, National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch #2550 Vice President Dennis Pack and American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Broward Area Local #1201 President Jeff Ridell. Photo: Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator Kelly Worthman
Photos of additional veterans recognition programs will be posted next week.

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