Saturday, December 17, 2016

Employees Participate in Miracle Walk

Hialeah Letter Carrier Maria Aulet appreciates the support of her co-workers for four-year-old daughter, Marina, who has Down Syndrome.

Aulet is very active in the Down Syndrome Association, and for the past four years, Hialeah employees and their families have participated in the fundraising 5K run and annual “Miracle Walk” in Coral Gables. In addition to the Aulet Family, this year’s participants included Anet Diaz and family, Milly Diaz and family, Ana Gonzalez and family, Teresa James, Elena Martinez, Virginia McGinnity and family, Robert Mesa and family, Maria Munoz and family, Manuel Obando, Arlette Quintero, Danny Reyes, Maite Rodriguez and family, and Daniela Sierra and family.

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