Friday, December 9, 2016

'Show Some Love' for CFC by Dec. 15

As part of the fabric of every American community, postal employees demonstrate good corporate citizenship every day. Our collective commitment to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a prime example.

The 2016 CFC is drawing to a close. If you’d like to “show some love,” the theme of this year’s campaign, talk to your CFC keyworker or send an email to Jennifer Thonus at on or before Thursday, December 15.

The CFC is the only authorized charitable organization solicitation in our workplace. Throughout the years, the CFC has become a powerful way for our employees to donate to charities to help others in need.

There are more than 4,000 approved charities eligible to receive your donation --- organizations that provide human services, health care, medical research, disaster relief, housing, youth development, and much more. How much you give and whether you wish to designate your support to a specific charity is your decision. Most employees elect to pledge an amount to be withheld regularly from their paycheck while others give a one-time gift during the CFC. Your participation is strictly voluntary.  

There is still time to "show some love" and pledge. Your CFC keyworker can provide a copy of the 2016 Catalog of Caring and a pledge form.

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