Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Postal Inspectors are Protecting Our Carriers, Safeguarding Our Packages

At the Miami, FL, Blue Lagoon Branch, WSVN Channel 7 (FOX) General Assignment Reporter Rebecca Vargas (center) interviewed Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez (left) on safeguarding delivered packages during the holiday season. Vargas and the videographer (right) rode along with Postal Inspectors Ramirez and Bladismir Rojo (not pictured) during surveillance in a residential area. Photo: Bladismir Rojo

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service Miami Division is reminding all Letter Carriers ’tis the season to be safe.”  South Florida Postal Inspectors are on the streets --- in marked and unmarked cars --- following Letter Carriers and watching for potential theft from people who follow, and then steal packages left at the front door or on the porch while the resident is not at home.
“Make no doubt about it, we are out in the community, protecting our carriers and our customers from being victimized,” said Inspector In Charge Antonio J. Gomez.

Postal Inspectors Ramirez and Rojo, who have delivered this message to South Florida media, have offered the following advice to Letter Carriers:
  • Avoid making yourself a target. Don’t bring high-tech cell phones out on the street and avoid wearing a lot of jewelry.
  • Stay Alert! Wearing headphones may distract you from your surroundings, as well as limit your ability to hear sounds or talking around you.
  • If a suspicious person follows you, leave the area and contact your supervisor.
  • If a suspicious vehicle is following you, leave the area and contact your supervisor.
  • Be mindful that thieves may try to steal packages you have delivered on your route.
  • If you are robbed or attacked, comply with the assailant’s demands. NOTHING is more valuable than your life.

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