Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Miami ISC MIPS Seeks Ad-Hoc OSS

Are you interested in expanding your postal horizon as an Ad-Hoc Operations Support Specialist EAS-17? If so, Miami ISC In-Plant Support Manager Sonia Morales wants to hear from you.

Who may apply? All qualified career postal employees within local commuting distance (50 miles) of the Miami International Service Center, 11698 NW 25 Street, Miami, FL. The successful applicant will report to this location to fill the Ad-Hoc position not to exceed 60 days. 

Non-Scheduled Days:   Saturday/Sunday           Hours: 1400 - 2230   

Functional Purpose: Provides technical staff work related to the analysis and evaluation of operational procedures, service programs and systems; including sort program development and maintenance, and operational requirements and quality improvements in support of mail processing, customer services or delivery operations.


1. Conducts and participates in operational and statistical studies and surveys; determines requirements for new or modified facilities, equipment, and operational staffing; analyzes quality improvement and reliability performance data; prepares quality improvement test sampling plans and evaluates results.

2. Monitors processes for compliance with quality and service standards; provides operations managers and staff with alternative process solutions in order to resolve quality and service problems; reviews and evaluates individual operations to ensure compliance with established processing regulations and policies; develops and communicates training programs to ensure  quality standards are met.

3. Develops and updates computerized mail sort programs, coordinating with distribution, delivery and address management personnel to determine sort program requirements; performs sort plan reviews with density studies and operational reviews; creates sort programs for new MPE and/or  new processes on existing equipment and tests sort programs before releasing to Mail Processing.

4. Identifies equipment needed to sort and move the mail within operating plan guidelines; anticipates changes in operational flows and equipment requirements due to changes in mail flow and mail base; identifies potential methods changes to increase efficiency, identifies cost savings and/or work hour reductions in association with equipment; inputs and updates model data that describe the impacts of operational changes.

5. Identifies and defines staffing requirements as a result of operational changes; develops staffing schedules based on workload data; ensures staffing plans comply with national agreements related to job bidding, postings, withholding and excessing.

6. Determines or manages layout of workroom floor that maximizes safety and the efficiency of mail flow through the plant. Advises and consults with stakeholders to determine the best plan and methods, coordinates implementation and quantified benefits of layout changes. Meets with equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors relative to systems installation and operations.

7. Determines data collection needs and methods to efficiently run distribution operations; designs unique local data collection to supplement national data collection systems; analyzes and recommends changes to improve operations and/or service based on data collected.

8. Coordinates the management, design and implementation of the Facility Operating Plan; develops facility operating plans that meet internal and external customer requirements and expectations; provides operational managers with contingencies for operational issues that affect operating plan compliance; coordinates the development of a communication plan to implement the FOP and related changes.

9. Participates in the development and testing of software and applications to support the national database systems used for reporting on facility, operational and/or data collection programs and activities.

10. Analyzes facility financial performance data and provides feedback to manager; provides analysis of cost factors that result in cost reductions; develops cost comparative analyses (DARS) for capital investments; develops methods in order to support operations in cost reductions or productivity improvements. 

Employees interested must submit their eCareer profile, along with a summary of accomplishments addressing the requirements stated on this posting. All applications should be mailed to and received by Close of Business Friday, May 12, 2017. Mail your application to:

Miami International Service Center
In-Plant Support Manager
11698 NW 25 Street
Miami, FL  33112-9997 

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