Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Miami Provides Relief on Tax Day

Miami Processing and Distribution Center Mail Handler Althea Atkins (above) accepted stamped income tax return envelopes from customers who appreciated the drive through collection.

Miami Processing and Distribution Center Clerk Rosalyn Montalvo (above left) cancelled last-minute tax return envelopes in the parking lot drive through while Miami Postal Police Officer Craig Clarit (above right) maintained the safety of employees and customers and the security of the mail. 

The annual Tax Day tradition continued at the Miami Processing and Distribution Center on April 17. Although customers had an additional two days to file their taxes this year, there was a steady stream of vehicles in the customer parking lot. Postal employees with proper identification accepted last-minute tax return envelopes from customers who were grateful for the parking lot drive through. Special thanks to the following employees who worked as a team and delivered the brand with exceptional customer service:

CUSTOMER SERVICES: Lobby Assistant Viola Brown; Postal Support Employee Kiana Lawrence; Sales and Services Associates Elias Acosta, Latosha Armenteros, Sonia Cofino, Donna Jones, Irma Knighton, Wang Shu Lee, Myriam Matias, VJ Reddy, Dulce Suarez; Acting Supervisor, Customer Services Janet Cruz; Manager, Customer Services Alexander “Alex” Fonseca; Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

OPERATIONS: Mail Handlers Althea Atkins and Ramona Johnson; Clerk Rosalyn Montalvo; Senior Manager Distribution Operations Alberto Iglesias

MAINTENANCE: Building Equipment Mechanics Emilio Franco and Orel Fulton; Supervisor, Maintenance Operations Pedro Garcia; Manager, Maintenance Operations James Lopez

U.S. POSTAL INSPECTION SERVICE MIAMI DIVISION: Sergeant Favis Fuentes; Assistant Sergeants Alonzo Simons and Danny Turnof; Postal Police Officers Gary Bohl, Gustavo Cabanas, Jose Chirinos, Chung Choi, Craig Clarit, Brian Juman, Clarence Moss, Jr., Diego Rendon,  Edna Sepulveda, Edgar Solano, Besnic Vinca

Miami Processing and Distribution Center Mail Handler Althea Atkins (above) quickly accepted returns from last-minute tax filers on April 17. Also pictured is Miami P&DC Senior Manager Distribution Operations Alberto Iglesias (left) who assisted with the cancellations and Supervisor, Maintenance Operations Pedro Garcia (center) who assisted with traffic flow.
On April 17, Miami Processing and Distribution Center Mail Handler Ramona Johnson (above) accepted the last tax return envelope at 11:59 p.m.

Photos: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte 

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