Saturday, September 14, 2019

Customer Praises Tamarac SSA

On September 12, a customer called Fort Lauderdale Postmaster David Guiney to praise Tamarac Branch Sales and Services Associate Fred Faber (right) for saving her nearly $700.

The customer had gone to Post Office to mail, at a cost of $89, a $600 iPad she had sold on eBay. Faber kindly suggested she double check the sale to ensure she was not being scammed. The concerned Tamarac employee stated he would hold the customer’s package until she returned the following day.

Faber was right. The customer took his advice to heart and checked the website only to realize that the sale indeed was a scam. The buyer had set up a fake PayPal site.

The customer was grateful for Faber’s advice and wanted the Postmaster to know that he has a “wonderful employee” at the Tamarac Branch.

Guiney already knew.

“Fred is an excellent postal ambassador, and I greatly appreciate his going above and beyond to help our customers,” Guiney said.

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