Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wreaths Adorn Holiday Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service has announced this year’s contemporary holiday stamps will highlight wreaths to welcome the season. The Holiday Wreaths Forever stamps will be issued later this fall, providing plenty of time for mailing greeting cards. These stamps will be among several holiday-themed stamps that will be available this year.

Inspired by the holiday decorating traditions of early America, the four wreaths featured on these stamps are classic yet contemporary. Their designs create feelings of warmth and welcome. Wreaths are often made from materials easily found during the winter months, including pine cones, dried flowers and berries.

Here’s more information about each wreath:

• (top left) The ribbon leaf wreath is inspired by French floral art. Aspidistra leaves, folded and manipulated to resemble ribbons, create a long-lasting wreath.

• (top right) Gilded pine cones and magnolia pods grace the wreath trimmed with cranberry red ribbon.

• (lower left) Red and gold ribbon adorns the wreath made from gilded dried hydrangea, eucalyptus and nandina foliage, red berries, and small ornaments.

• (lower right) The woodland bush ivy and red winterberry wreath presents a classic red and green palette.

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