Saturday, January 9, 2016

Attention: All 'Engaged' Employees

To support the continuous enrichment of employee engagement within the organization, USPS is seeking individuals to serve as Engagement Ambassadors. Each Area will have three open positions and headquarters will have one open position for top performers. Employees are eligible to apply for positions within their current Area only.

Engagement Ambassadors will be given the tools to become experts in training leaders and managers to inspire engagement, foster collaboration and connect with employees. They will travel extensively within their Area to conduct on-site engagement training. Participants will learn techniques and strategies for training managers and leaders to take responsibility for creating an engaging workplace.

Successful candidates should have strong facilitation skills, an interest in creating positive changes within the work environment and a desire to support the development of others. Additionally, strong candidates should be clear communicators, engaging presenters, willing to travel frequently within the Area and successful time management skills.

The Engagement Ambassador positions will be two year, not to exceed, lateral assignments. Open positions will be domiciled across the country; successful candidates will remain at their current grade levels and domiciled in their current locations, but will become headquarters related employee subject to the pay and evaluation policies for headquarters employees, such as the Pay for Performance and Performance Evaluation System policies.

The application process is open to all non-bargaining unit employees, including executives, EAS employees and pay bands employees. The process includes multiple steps, with a comprehensive selection process. Following submission of an application and completion of a review process, candidates will be interviewed by their Area Vice President or the Director of Engagement for headquarters. Top candidates within the Area will be extended a contingent offer and will be required to attend the Gallup Learning Leader Certification. This training course includes:
·         Four day instructor-led training by Gallup;
·         Oral exam with Gallup and USPS panel; and
·         Co-facilitation of up to three courses with Gallup.

Successful completion of the certification process is required to be formally selected as an Engagement Ambassador within your Area. Successful candidates are required to maintain a 4.5 course-evaluation rating throughout the assignment.

If you have questions about the Engagement team or the Engagement Ambassador positions please contact the Engagement Team at Interested applicants must submit an eCareer profile along with a one page summary explaining why you would be a successful trainer to your Area Human Resources Manager or for headquarters, Loretta Tolliver, by close of business Wednesday, January 20.

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