Monday, January 25, 2016

Challenge to Employees Highlights Top Performers at Plantation PO

Every month Plantation Supervisor, Customer Services, Vanessa Cooper challenges employees to excel in their performance.  
In December, Cooper challenged her employees on their scanning performance, sick leave and overall productivity. The names of the top eight performers were placed into a tray and Plantation A/Manager, Customer Services John Pinto drew four names from the collection. Cooper created a Certificate of Participation and presented a gift card to the four winners.
Pinto and Cooper thanked all employees for their participation and placed another challenge to the floor for January. Stay tuned!
Front Row from left: Plantation A/Manager, Customer Services John Pinto; Letter Carriers John Rodas and Arlene Weyker; Supervisor, Customer Services Vanessa Cooper; and Letter Carriers Angela Grayson and Lynette Jackson. Back Row from left: Letter Carriers Paul Sharp, Christian Cerulli  and Randy Pettitt. Not pictured: Letter Carrier Derrick Silinsky. Photo: Kelly Worthman, Fort Lauderdale Customer Relations Coordinator

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