Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ad-Hoc Admin Position Open in WPB

Are you looking to broaden your horizons? If so, West Palm Beach A/Plant Manager Linda Gray is seeking an Ad-Hoc Administrative Assistant for her office.

All qualified career employees within local commuting distance (50 miles) of the West Palm Beach P&DC, 3200 Summit BLVD, West Palm Beach, may apply for this Ad-Hoc EAS-12 position (not to exceed two years). Applicants must meet the Proficiency, Experience and Confidentiality required for this position.

Work hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with Saturday/Sunday as non-scheduled days.  

Functional Purpose: Provides standard and advanced secretarial support for a manager and his/her staff. Processes information in accordance with established organizational and functional area administrative practices and procedures.


1.  Produces reports, letters and other documentation using word processing equipment and monitors peripheral equipment.

2.  Accesses, retrieves and/or updates files and other data maintained on personal or mainframe computers.

3.  Sends and receives electronic messages, files and other documentation via the local area network.

4.  Produces charts, tables and other documentation using various graphics packages.

5.  Compiles information on a variety of subjects; reviews periodicals, publications, and industry-related documents, bringing those of interest to the manager’s attention.

6.  Reviews materials prepared for manager’s signature for accuracy, completeness and format.

7.  Performs routine clerical duties such as, answering telephones, operating standard office equipment, requisitioning supplies, and coordinating printing, maintenance, and other service requests.

8.  Screens, logs and routes office mail.

9.  Performs other administrative duties, such as maintaining a variety of reports, including time and attendance records, correspondence control, training plans, etc., and establishes and maintains office files.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants must complete Pages 1 and 2 of their eCareer Profile. Applicants must complete a separate “Statement of Qualifications “ page for each of the General Requirements below:

1.  Knowledge of requirements for formatting and preparing documents such as letters, reports, proposals, graphs, figures, and charts.

2.  Knowledge of English composition, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

3.  Ability to establish and maintain office filing systems and to accurately file and retrieve individual records.

4.  Ability to complete and summarize oral or written information and to state or write a brief summary of important facts.

5.  Ability to locate, read and comprehend written reference materials such as handbooks, manuals, bulletins, and directives.

6.  Ability to review written materials for accuracy.

7.  Ability to work cooperatively and interact positively with co-workers and customers, exercising courtesy, discretion, and self control.

 Completed applications must be mailed to and received by Close Of Business September 28. Send applications to Plant Manager’s Office, 3200 Summit BLVD, West Palm Beach FL 33406-9997.

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