Saturday, October 15, 2016

WPB P&DC Seeks Ad-Hoc OIE

West Palm Beach A/Plant Manager Ronald Ralph and In-Plant Support Manager Gabriel Miron are looking for a qualified employee to detail as an Ad-Hoc Operations Industrial Engineer EAS-21.

All qualified career employees within local commuting distance (50 miles) of the West Palm Beach P&DC, 3200 Summit BLVD, West Palm Beach, may apply for this Ad-Hoc position (not to exceed two years). Work hours will be 11:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. with Sunday/Monday as non-scheduled days.  

FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Oversees and applies nationwide industrial engineering, standardization, and continuous improvement policies, standards, and processes to improve service and cost performance through direct involvement in mail processing operations.


1. Performs analysis of mail processing operations using industrial engineering and continuous improvement principles to improve service, productivity and cost performance.

2. Implements national standardization programs and processes through direct involvement in mail processing operations to improve service, productivity, and cost performance.

3. Develops costing and staffing models to promote the effective use of employees and equipment; provides advice and guidance on how to best schedule employees to meet mail volumes and time constraints.

4. Develops alternatives to improve operating performance and reduce costs; monitors the implementation of new procedures and evaluates and reports on results.

5. Provides input for the preparation and justification for new and altered facilities and equipment; recommends changes to workroom floor layout of equipment and operations.

6. Provides technical advice and guidance to managers throughout the facility on all aspects of engineering; may coordinate the work of Operations Support Specialists and Technicians.

7. Oversees and monitors operations and equipment performance using national and local reporting metrics to improve service, productivity, and cost performance.

8. Leads multi-functional teams working on service, cost and productivity improvement efforts.

9. Provides training to mail processing managers and employees on standardization and continuous improvement tools and processes using nationally-developed training material.

10. Communicates orally and in writing to provide technical advice, program guidance, training and policy interpretation to both Headquarters and field offices.

11. Exercises a normal regard for the safety of self and others; uses normal protective care of materials and equipment used.

How to Apply: Interested employees must submit their eCareer profile, along with a summary of accomplishments addressing the requirements stated on this posting.
All applications should be mailed to West Palm Beach P&DC, In-Plant Support Manager, 3200 Summit BLVD, West Palm Beach, FL 33416 or via email to by Close of Business Friday, October 28, 2016.

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