Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pizza Anyone?

The South Florida District Marketing Team is promoting employee engagement with a competition to increase POS Survey responses between January 16, 2017 thru March 24, 2017.  Top 10 offices for each week will be entered into a final raffle. The District Marketing Team will recognize the office with the most responses and highest scores (minimum score of 92) with a pizza party.

Miami, FL, General Mail Facility Postal Store won the first week with a total of 25 responses for the week and an overall customer satisfaction rate of 100%.  On Feb. 3, employees were recognized with pizza and sodas.

First Row, from left: Miami P&DC Custodian Francisco Ortiz; Sales and Services Associates Wang Lee, Irma Knighton, Viola Brown, Briggett Glinton, Elizabeth McDonald, and VJ Reddy; and Supervisor Customer Services Ine Diaz. Second Row, from left: Manager, Customer Services Lawrence Rogers; A/Supervisor, Customer Services Nancy Horta; Sales and Services Associates Donna Jones, Valerie Mitchell and Sonia Coffino.  Not pictured but also recognized were Box Clerk, Ana Cabrera; Sales and Services Associates Robert Castro, Leslie Christie, Evelyn Garcia, Enrique Martinez, and Dulce Suarez; Lead Retail Associate Sharity Suita; Postal Support Employees Peter Almeida and Kianna Lawrence.

 Photo: Miami Customer Relations Coordinator Mirtha Uriarte

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