Thursday, April 27, 2017

Latin American Cuisine on Stamps

The Postal Service has released Delicioso, a booklet of 20 stamps that celebrate the influence of Central American, South American, Mexican and Caribbean foods and flavors on American cuisine.

The stamps feature six dishes from an array of Latin American culinary traditions that have found new life and variations in the United States. The dishes are tamales, flan, sancocho, empanadas, chile relleno and ceviche.

“Ours is truly a world culture, and our stamps allow us to weave together the many threads of our national tapestry,” said Network Operations VP Robert Cintron, who dedicated the stamps in Albuquerque, NM.

“With the issuance of the beautiful Delicioso Forever stamps, it is the Postal Service’s way of saying these Delicioso dishes epitomize the best of America, and will do so forever.”

Other speakers at the dedication ceremony included chef Marie Yniguez; Veronica N. Gonzales, secretary of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs; and Michael Flores, the Postal Service’s Arizona District marketing manager.

The ceremony also featured performances by Voces de Coronado, among others.

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