Saturday, April 29, 2017

Miami Customer Praises Norland Mgr.

Miami Postmaster Enrique Suarez received the below letter from a customer who commended Norland Branch Manager, Customer Services Teresa Mason (pictured right) for outstanding service. Photo: Estrella Noguera
Dear Mr. Suarez,

I would like to share with you a positive Post Office experience with you. 

Last week there was a postcard left in my mailbox about a package that could not be delivered since we were not home. Signature confirmation was required since it was an expensive medication from the pharmacy. On Monday I came with the slip to the Norland Branch to pick up my package. 

A postal employee spent approximately 10 minutes looking for it and told me he couldn't find it. I explained to him this package was very important since it was ADHD medication for my daughters. In addition, I explained that they would be taking the SAT tests next week and it was critical they have this medication for the test. He told me he would call me before 8:00 p.m. so he can speak to the carrier and find out where it is. Unfortunately, I never received a call back and the following day when I called the Post Office, I reached the employee. He told me since he couldn't find the package, he didn't call me. 

Now begins the positive experience!!! I arrived yesterday at the postal branch and I asked to speak to the supervisor on duty. Ms. Teresa Mason arrived very quickly. After explaining to her my situation, she spent over 30 minutes with an assistant looking for the package. After not finding it, she gave me her cell phone and told me to call her the next morning. She told me she would do everything in her power to find my package. Today I came to the branch for other business and Ms. Mason saw me and gave me a big smile. She opened the side door and gestured for me to come to her.  Once I came she showed me my package. I would like to commend Ms. Mason for an outstanding job. In my opinion she went above and beyond her duties as a supervisor and took personal interest in my situation.  Without her involvement, my daughters would not have been able to take their exams. 

Thank you,
Joe Baker

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