Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wellness Partners Ensure All is Well

Through Wellness Partners, USPS employees can help promote healthy practices.

Want to help your co-workers improve their overall wellbeing?

If so, USPS invites you to join Wellness Partners, a program that aims to “build a foundation of health and wellness within the Postal Service.”
Participants will act as liaisons between the Wellness team and employees who work across the nation.

The partners will promote four dimensions of wellness — health, financial, social and career — and help employees manage their wellbeing year round.
As a Wellness Partners participant, you may:
·         Expand your knowledge of Postal Service programs
·         Be one of the first to know about upcoming events and new programs
·         Network and collaborate with other employees
·         Play an important role in improving wellness within your unit

Nomination forms are available on the Wellness Blue page. 

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