Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Customer Praises 'Goldie' to PMG

Sales and Services Associate Goldie Woods (right) of the Carl Fisher Branch in Miami Beach provides outstanding service to each of her customers --- and one of them wrote to the Postmaster General to commend her. Photo: Norma Vazquez

Dear Postmaster General Brennan,

As a self-employed entrepreneur, my wife is reliant upon the services of a company that can deliver frequent weekly packages. Over the last seven to eight years, we have been exclusively using the U.S.  Postal Service for the sole reason of this woman who is behind the desk and provides the attention and courteousness a customer deserves. 

At the Carl Fisher Post Office at 1661 West Ave in Miami Beach, FL, I have spent weekly encounters with a congenial woman I only know as Goldie, as her name tag indicates. I am embarrassed I do not know her last name, but after all this time, I feel a first name basis is appropriate anyway.  While the fate of this branch I believe is nearing an end, as well as Goldie mere years away from retirement, but I must inform you the experiences I have had weekly over the last few years has been enjoyable because of Goldie’s mannerisms and professionalism. I have often held packages in the very rare occasions I see another employee, only to return the next day when Goldie was behind the counter.

I write this after dropping off six large boxes and spending $90.69 when I easily could have used FedEx or UPS, but I chose to drive to this location for the sole reason to be assisted by Goldie.I have spent thousands (with records to prove) each year visiting this branch solely because the feeling Goldie leaves me with after dropping off my many packages.

Thank you,
Michael Palladino

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