Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to Sign Up for LINK Mobile

If you haven’t signed up for LINK Mobile, why are you waiting?

LINK Mobile is a mobile-friendly version of Link, the Postal Service’s news service. The site is available for employees who don’t have access to USPS computers.

To receive weekly LINK Mobile updates, go to and provide a personal or work email address. Every Friday, you’ll receive an email that highlights recent stories and videos.

More than 9,800 subscribers have signed up since LINK Mobile debuted last month.

"I like having access to postal news even when I am not at work," said West Palm Beach Address Management Systems Technician Karin Nolf. "LINK Mobile provides information about employees who are working hard and promoting a great postal image across the country. To see other employees who share the same Postal Pride that I have had for the last 27-plus years is awesome!” 

"I am a long-time subscriber of LINK Mobile. I love the personal stories of our postal family that I otherwise never might have known about," said Acting Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Analyst Valarie Rother. "We are a great group with a big heart for people!”

LINK Mobile is designed and intended for personal use. Employees shouldn’t use the site to assist their performance of work for USPS.
Readers with questions should send emails to

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