Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Employee Engagement: Three Ways to Tell Us What's on Your Mind

The Postal Service wants to hear your ideas to strengthen employee engagement.

This term describes employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and positive contributions to the organization. Recently, the Postal Service introduced three channels for employees who want to share recommendations to improve engagement.

First, you can call 844-303-6424 to record a message describing your ideas. 

Second, you can email your comments to engagement@usps.gov.

Third, you can go to LiteBlue to submit your feedback. The “Employee Engagement suggestion box” is on the home page in the upper left-hand corner.

The employee engagement team will receive all suggestions and seek ways to enact them when appropriate.

Some feedback may be forwarded to other parts of the organization for an appropriate response. Anonymity will be honored if requested, except when the feedback describes conditions that warrant notifying other authorities.

The bottom line is: You’ve told us you want more ways to communicate your feedback — and these three channels will offer you that opportunity.

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