Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Card for the Ages

Darryl Newhouse, a retired chaplain living in Marina, CA, bought a birthday card in 1970 and mailed it to his friend. The card’s “You can rent almost anything” theme directs the receiver to return the “rented” card. The two friends have mailed the card back and forth for 40 years — 78 round trips.
“This card is a testimony of a long and blessed friendship,” Newhouse wrote. “It also testifies to the professionalism and efficiency of the United States Postal Service. It has never been delayed or damaged. I appreciate and thank postal employees who faithfully cared for our unique and well-worn treasure.”
For the card’s 79th and last trip, Newhouse plans to frame and hand deliver it in celebration of his friend’s 80th birthday.

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