Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pet Stamps Breed New Retail Items

Since they went on sale in April, USPS has sold more than 11 million Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamp panes — nearly 221 million individual stamps. The stamps have wide appeal and the panes have generated more than $97 million in revenue.

The success of the stamps has bred new additions to the Postal Service’s retail line — the “Adopt a Shelter Pet Notecard Set” and the “All About Your Best Friend” Pet Diary are the latest “products of the month.”

The notecard set includes 10 Animal Rescue stamps, 10 matching cards and 10 envelopes. Each of the 10 cats and dogs pictured on the stamps are featured on the cards.

The 60-page, wire-bound pet diary includes places to log visits to the vet, note favorite pet memories and store photos. Like the cards package, the diary includes 10 Animal Rescue stamps.

At $12.95 for each card package and $14.95 for the diary, pet lovers can show their support for animal adoption and get a great all-in-one resource for themselves or to give someone else. And since each set includes postage, retail associates can tout the convenience of the cards and the diary — no extra trips to the Post Office.

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