Thursday, October 7, 2010

Margate "Stars" Celebrate VPP Award

(L to R): Mike Haralambis and Amos Cole proudly hoist the American flag and the VPP Star Worksite flag onto the flagpole in front of the Margate PO.

(L to R): Gail Davis, Krishonna Booker-Edward, and Ruth Dombroski join the safety celebration.

"Team Margate" proudly poses with the VPP Star Worksite flag.

Southeast Area VPP Coordinator Gary Johnston recognizes the Margate Safety & Health Committee and praises all employees for achieving the VPP Star Worksite rating.

Southeast Area Director of OSHA (far right) strikes a pose with Team Margate's Safety and Health Committee. (A/District Manager Jeff Becker in the middle background.)

A/District Manager Jeff Becker congratulates and thanks employees for their ongoing commitment to our safety program.

Let the celebration begin! Employees celebrate their safety achievement with a food assortment following the ceremony.

Three's a charm in Pompano Beach. Today Margate Post Office became the third facility under the Pompano Beach umbrella to achieve OSHA's star worksite rating in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). That makes Pompano Beach the first in the Southeast Area and the second in the country to have achieved three star worksite ratings! Congratulations to all Margate employees on this outstanding safety achievement!

"At VPP sites, labor and management work together to achieve a common goal — the safety of all employees," said Postmaster Ed Coppola. "I'm very proud of our Margate employees for attaining this OSHA VPP star rating."

Postmaster Coppola and Manager, Customer Service Tammy Hearn welcomed guests to a ceremony honoring Margate employees. Many cluster members, including A/District Manager Jeff Becker, and local dignitaries including Margate Mayor Joseph Varsallone and Congressman Deutch's Representative Theresa Brier, along with NALC Local 1071 Treasurer Mark Travers and APWU Local 1201 Representative Bill Pick, praised employees for their safety achievement. Other special guests were A/Manager Safety and Health Barbara Crowley, Safety Specialist Gail Davis, Southeast Area VPP Coordinator Gary Johnston, and Southeast Area Director of OSHA Darlene Fossum --- all thanked employees for their ongoing commitment to safety.

Dan Falter was the Master of Ceremonies, the American Legion Post 157 Honor Guard presented the flags, Amos Cole led the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the National Anthem. After the VPP ceremony, employees and guests enjoyed a celebration in the breakroom.
Photo Credits: Debra J. Fetterly

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