Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If It Fits, It Still Ships

Maybe you already noticed. The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box campaign — perhaps better known for the “If it fits, it ships” commercials — is promoting another item in the flat-rate products line.
This time, Al, the letter carrier who has appeared in previous commercials, reprises his role in a new ad featuring the Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.

USPS is focusing on the $4.90 envelope because research indicates large and small businesses will respond to the product. Al provides a simple and competitive solution for customers who already understand the benefits of the flat-rate concept and will immediately recognize the benefits of expanding the basic offering.

The Postal Service is airing the ad on several broadcast and cable TV networks. Supporting the new ad is direct mail to 6 million businesses, an e-mail campaign, online advertising, and print commercials in trade and news publications.

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