Friday, October 15, 2010

It was 45 Years Ago Today ...

Forty-five years ago today, Hispanic Programs Specialist Jacinto Acebal joined the Postal Service as a letter carrier. He quickly became known as "Ace."

Through the years, he advanced into managerial positions including Supervisor, Customer Services, EEO Counselor/Investigator, Human Resources Specialist, and now Hispanic Programs Specialist. He is credited with conducting workshops for entrance exams and participating in several diversity programs in the district. He probably is best known for his promotion of postal products and services in the Hispanic media.

Ace has been recognized for his contributions to the Postal Service and was awarded Federal Employee of the Year – Professional Category, Diversity Vice President Partnership, and the Dot Sharpe Lifetime Achievement.

Ace, congratulations on your career milestone! It's time to start planning next year's 46th anniversary celebration!

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